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  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit

    I am mentally drained with one question only, and I ask this while looking up toward heaven. "WHY? Why like this?" I started reading Genesis yesterday, one verse at a time, and really trying to figure out why we are even in this boat we are in. The only chapter I really enjoyed was chapter 1. It seems like everything turned to sh*t after the Garden of Eden was added. In chapter 1 it says God saw that it was good after each thing he made. He seemed really happy about all of it. It even says in verses 29 & 30 that he gave EVERY tree and herb for food. There weren't any rules thrown in to govern anyone. Then all of a sudden he purposefully creates a greater place to live, "The Garden" and suddenly everything starts getting complicated. He then becomes "the Lord God" instead of just "God".He made a fruit that could give people the added sense of "good and bad". HE MADE THIS but then told Adam and Eve they couldn't go near it. Why would he do that? And secondly, chapter 3, verse 1 says "the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made." Was there a reason Satan chose a serpent to talk through instead of a bird? Did God plan all of this to begin with? I want some sincere comments on this and would appreciate it if any sarcastic posters would find another thread to write their comments on.

    Jessica Rabbit (who is about to burn every bible she owns)

  • Joyzabel

    May I suggest reading some of Karen Armstrong's books about the History of the Bible and fundamentalism.

    I like it when she stated: "In the beginning, man created god....."

    check it out.


  • Hamas


    Take Joy2bfree's advice.

    Either way, you are screwed.

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  • Ravyn

    Genesis chapter one and Genesis chapter two are talking about two entirely different things Jessica. Chapter one is cosmically close enough to be the explanation for any religion. Chapter two is the mythos that became Jewish, and later Christian, myth.

    Don't worry about it. Take chapter one and throw out chapter two. You have more choices than just Judaism or Christianity! develope your own individual paradigm. Base it on your heritage or your preference--does it matter? How ever we get to our Deity is the right way for us to go.

    go ahead throw out the Bible. But keep one of them in case you need it for discussion board posts. I have two--threw out the rest. I keep the Jerusalem Bible and the Oxford Revised Standard(not the 'New' ones) and I also have a NWT and Greek Interlinear --but I don't even think of them as real Bibles. I have a Book of Mormon(with the D&C and Pearl in it) , Nag Hammadi, Dead Sea Scrolls, The Other Bible(apocrypha and pseudopigraphs and other assorted legends), the Bhagavad-Ghita, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Tao-Te-Ching, the essential Rumi and Kabbalah, and The Way of the Pilgrim. They are on the same shelf as my Grimm's FairyTales and Bulfinch's Mythology.


  • Ravyn

    and I ABSOLUTELY agree and highly recommend Karen Armstrong's books! The Battle For God is even better than her other two. Essential reading for anyone who asks WHY?

    That book is on the shelf with Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, Starhawk's Spiral Dance, Frazer's Golden Bough, Barbara Walker's Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, and La Vey's Satanic Bible and The Satanic Witch. Followed by the next shelf of all my conspiracy theory and 'bloodline' of the Holy Grail/secret society books.

    The truth is out there...sometimes more 'out there' than you thot! muahahahahaha....


  • HuskerMike

    I wish I had someting enlightening to say, however, all I can say is, it went downhill quicker than you say. I think it all went downhill when God created Adam.

  • Francois

    Personally, I think the tree of life was for the sustanance of certain cosmic individuals who were on this planet for the purpose of upstepping the physical life forms of the life that had evolved here since life had been planted here thousands of years before Adam and Eve were sent here for reasons of supervision and for biological improvement of the genetic stock of the humans evolving here.

    Now, can you see such a statement being included in a primitive book written for the enlightenment of the primitive beings who inhabited this planet at the time of Adam and Eve? They wouldn't have understood a thing about it.

    "What's genetic stock, Ethyl?"

    "I don't know, Homer. Maybe it's got something to do with them strange people that showed up yestiddy that glows blue at nite."

    "You reckin?"

    "I reckin they ain't no other way to splain it, Homer. Don't you ever pay no attention to nutthin?"

    The bible of the time was written for the level of understanding of the people of the time. And here we are still attempting to make it fit the scientific understanding of today. We are such idiots.

  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit

    Francois, you really crack me up! So maybe I am taking "life" a little too seriously these days. It bugs me that some people on this forum act as if they have a summer house in heaven already (i.e. JCanon and AGuest) and yet everytime I want to think that I'm O.K. I stumble onto so many things in the scriptures that just don't make sense. Even the personality of God. Then I feel guilty if I don't really care for him somedays. Ya know?

    Thanks Ravyn for your honesty.

    Hamas you are probably right, either way, I'm screwed !


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    So maybe I am taking "life" a little too seriously these days.

    I agree.... take a deep breath, focus on the numerous positive things of life...the negatives will always be around, just try to ignore them as much as you can.

    It bugs me that some people on this forum act as if they have a summer house in heaven already

    LOL. Typical of others reaction to any topic in general, not only religion .... there will always be those who think they have totally figured things out and have most of the answers to _________ (fill in the blank).

    everytime I want to think that I'm O.K. I stumble onto so many things in the scriptures that just don't make sense

    You are OK. Welcome to the STUMBLING ALONG LIFE CLUB. We're all in this boat together. You'll have your own figuring out to do, but for me, the scriptures are an out-of-focus roadmap. It's all there, just not clear. There are many "treasures" in the Bible that I believe God wants us to find to help us on our journey through life, there are also things that don't make sense (did I say things, how about MANY things). I like the scripture where Jesus says "Seek and Ye Shall Find".... He didn't say "Read this and you've found it all" He tells us to be active (seek), and in doing so we will definately gain what we are looking for (even though the "what" is seemingly vague)... maybe not in a month, week, year or on this earth, but we WILL find, just by being active in the search, and for me that is what life's journey is about.

    Even the personality of God. Then I feel guilty if I don't really care for him somedays.

    Maybe you shouldn't start at Genesis.... some of the books can be a real drudge to read.... read the books that 'speak' to you. I like JOHN, for me, it comes to life and gives me a better understanding of God's personality. It's hard not to care for a person as God is portrayed in that book. Also, as much as I think God is awesome, there are some days this old world gets to me, and I'm not too happy about anything or anyone. I chalk it up to "one of those days", knowing that it is temporary, then I move on.... (never let guilt paralyze you).

    Hamas you are probably right, either way, I'm screwed !

    If people want to feel 'screwed' that's their choice... life's a banquet, choose what you will, but choose something postive that will move you forward, not keep you stuck or worse yet, falling backward.

    my 2 cents

  • Elsewhere
    some people on this forum act as if they have a summer house in heaven already

    What do yo mean? You trying to say I don't have a summer house in heaven?

    *** Getting panties in a knot ***

    <--- Wondering WHY I'm wearing panties to begin with

    Another good book for you to consider is: The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read

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