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  • Ravyn

    Hey JR! I tried to PM you twice, the first one shows up to me blank and the second one is not showing up as even existing at all...so here is what I said in PM minus anything personal---

    <<< I wish I could grow out of needing a deity this go around too...but alas I don't think I have evolved thru that phase yet. but I figure--hey if we are made in our god's image(or goddess) or have the divine spark or however else you want to say that we come from something other than human and still have the connection to it, well then we have a right hand and a left hand and why should I disown one for the other? There is light and dark, day and night, so why not some form of xtianity and some form of so-called paganism? I do the Jesus/Mithra/Apollo/Belatucadnos thing in the daytime and the Mary/Lilith/Diana/Cathubodva thing at night. Of course in some cases you still can't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing(or the neighbors for that matter).....LOLOLOLOL

    I rewrote an amazing rosary--I call it the Witches' Rosary, very gnostic.

    I love the rosary--it makes me feel so peaceful. But then again so does sex in the moonlight and drinking lots of mead. So you know...take what you want and leave the rest (in case you change your mind.) Only bridge you need to burn is the one leading back to the Borg! Life is sacred, no need to look so hard for it.

    Luvya Jess and Blessings of Light and Dark,

    Ravyn >>>

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Jessica Rabbit,

    Research this site,



  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Jessica Rabbit, Research this site, http://www.skepticsannotatedbible.com/ Spanner

    Of course there had to be a counter side to the skeptics bible.... here too is a research link rebuffing the skeptics:


  • gold_morning

    Jessica, I would love to write an answer to you. I like Jessica (rabbit).. my nick-name around the house is "bunny" LOL Sooooo, If you would like, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] gold_morning

  • funkyderek
    The bible of the time was written for the level of understanding of the people of the time.

    Or more likely, it was written based on the level of understanding of the people of the time. The reason it appears to be nonsense is quite simply because it is nonsense. The writers had no more clue about the way the world really works than did anyone else at the time.

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