Anyone watching the handmaids tail?

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  • sparrowdown

    TD - the op talking about HT but I spose I could see a bizarre version of a puritanical dystopian future if current PC culture and attitudes contuinue to creep into every aspect of life and becomes law?

    Not sure what me being a JW has to do with my subjective opinion of a fictional tv series, I assumed this thread was about the parallels between and the literal transformation of America into the reality of HT?

  • Sliced

    Funny, I thought this thread was just a question if anyone was watching it...

    I'm now a freaking expert after reading all the comments! lol

  • sparrowdown

    Sliced - yeah, I thought that too, silly me.

    It's called fiction.

  • Wild_Thing

    Regardless of the direction of this thread ... give the series a try. Give it two or three episodes. I thought the first couple of episodes were kind of dry, but they had to build up a bit of background.

    With that being said, I am a little afraid they may try to continue the storyline beyond where it should have ended, simply because it is a money maker for them. I am okay with them creating new storyline content for the second season. So far it's really good. But sometimes a good story needs to end.

  • jp1692

    SparrowDown: It's called fiction.

    And I love it!

    Sorry, I tend to get a little carried away with a good story. I love great fiction, especially when the author is able to make important social commentary using a believable fictional world.

  • StarTrekAngel

    hmmm. I think what merits some concern is the fact that we are analyzing whether the current administration is close or far from being like the show. Such would make many lose interest because it indeed seems far fetched. With that said, if you would have told any of the Jonestown people that leaving for South America was crazy and that next thing you knew you would be dead, they too would have said that was far fetched.

    The story does not have to come to realization exactly as presented in the show. Both sides of the proposition can meet each other half way. Which is probably how it usually happens. Coming from a country where there has been plenty of government coups and extreme ideology changes, I can tell you none of it happens overnight. There is alway chest pounding at the tail end of the story because no one thought it could happen. Much like when Serena comes to realize her daughter could be subjected to the same fate as other sinful women.

    Just because the book was published in 1985, it doesn't mean is not relatable to the times. The book was not meant to represent current times. Our modern political time may have made this old writing relevant. There is a difference.

    Just like indoctrination, if an ideology like that was to take place, it would hardly be by force and in a matter of months. It would be much slower and methodical. You already have Christians babbling about Trump being a god sent. Using the bible to justify their actions. You have a supreme court judge that believes the president should be excluded to judicial prosecution while in office.

    Having lived there for 21 years, the US sounds and looks ever more like South America with a Christian twist to it.

  • scotsman
    I imagine that if you were watching it in Turkey you would find it particularly chilling.
  • humbled

    Anyone watching the handmaid’s tail?

    Yes, and I believe that has been quite a problem for handmaids from time immemorial.

  • Xanthippe

    I enjoyed the first series because it was quite faithfull to the book. It ended as she escapes, also faithfull to the book. I assumed the second series would be about what happened next but it's just more of the same. I don't want to watch it.

  • Syme

    This is what the world would look like if Armageddon happened and all of the planet was "theocratic". A society following the Bible to the letter. Bible-reciting elders/Commanders being now in actual power, not just spiritual one. That's the jw (and other fundamentalists', sure) idea of a paradise on earth. That's what would happen if religious wackos like GB, overseers, branch committees etc. had actual power. If anyone thinks otherwise (hugging lions etc.) they have to watch this series. If GB had actual power, the rules enforced would be more ("new scrolls" in jw terminology) and wider in scope and severity than the ones enforced now when they have to be under secular authority and control. DF now means shunning, because it cannot mean more, due to living under secular states. Then, it would mean death.

    No need to go political about this. We have more familiar and established comparisons to think of, and maybe, seed a hint or two when suggesting the series to a jw acquaintance.

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