Who was a member here back in the late 1990s?

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  • BluesBrother

    According to my profile I have been here 18 years which means I came after the '90s . I am still here , older ,maybe wiser and certainly a lot more knowledgeable than when I joined. I have learned to be a good deal more tolerant too, from mixing with you good folk.


  • smiddy3

    I have been here 12 years at least and was on a few sites before joining this one .

    Freeminds was one with dogpatch and also with Shauns site and they must be going back about 20 years ago .

  • dozy

    I've only been here 13 years or so , so not one of the "old timers" , but I also miss some of the old posters. Good to see Blondie still here - her forensic examination of the weekly Watchtower study was always useful. There used to be a few JW apologists around whom you could have a friendly debate with, but most seemed to have dropped off or inevitably become ex-JWs (though I see "Scholar" reappeared recently when 607 was discussed again)!

    I guess it is part of the "ex-JW journey" that most people eventually lose interest in JW stuff & move on , or migrate to other forums or resources ( such as Youtube etc. )

  • WingCommander

    I've been here 17 years now, which means I've been as long here as I was "in." Yippee!!!

    I miss Farkel. RIP.

    Crumpet (Nina) - met another ex-JW fellow at the Texas Apostafest, married him, and they moved to the Canary Islands.

    RichieRich - There was a fellow!!

    AGuest - There was a fuggin' nutcase shit-stirrer!

    I'm on the Reddit Ex-JW forum nearly every day, and there's a lot of activity there, but I still check on this site too.

  • just fine
    just fine
    I’ve been around for 14 years - I remember chatting with Sassy and Valis way back when. I don’t think I would have ever mentally gotten away from the JW’s if not for this board.
  • Jazzbo

    I was here at the beginning though I started with a different name. I only show up a few days about once a year because I frankly don't define myself as an ex-Witness but occasionally curiosity about what's going on and who is talking sends me back here. Personally, I am doing fine and living the life I want to live.

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    I made a quick come back a few weeks ago, just to find that the point I raised was rejected straight away, unwanted on the site.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Sadly I know a few have passed...mouthy and that dear lad who took his own life, what was his name? Started with O? Not Onacruise I believe he still posts?

    Probably you are thinking of OOMPA. Sadly he took his own life a few years ago. As I remember he suffered from depression compounded by all his family shunning him. He was a biker and had an accident and blood transfusion I believe. It always resounded with me as I am a biker.


  • Dagney

    just fine

    I remember chatting with Sassy

    Sassy was the FIRST exJW I met in real life. We were/are both from the S California area, and I'm forever grateful she agreed to meet. I've tried to do the same for others because I know how much it meant to me, especially that FIRST time. She started as an apologist and ended an apostate if I remember correctly. I wonder how she is doing.

  • MebyonKernow

    The only name I recognised from all of the replies above was Blondie. Still I do appreciate everyone else input. A few of the names dropped I recalled instantly. Valis for example bless him. He was a good guy. Wonder where his is now? Nina married and in the Canary Islands eh? Awww bless.

    Oompa that's sad to hear. Too many suicides over the years. I know of quite a few too. Anyone remember ChimpGirl in London? She was an absolute darling. Nelly was another good lass from London. Wonder where she is now as well. Onacruise I remember him. Kent obviously as well. If memory recalls correctly it was Kent and one or two others who got the JWs booted out of the UN (it was me who originally released the story to The Guardian newspaper in London upon which it soon went viral resulting in many thousands leaving the WT).

    Simon I obviously remember (not least for the fact that he started up this forum), met him once at Mike Hooper's (Englishman) annual BBQ, not that we ever really saw eye to eye. Just one of those things.

    Outlaw? Again if my memory serves me correctly it was him who originally released the secret elders manual online for the very first time. Bloody good on him. That was a big up yours to the borg.

    Talesin I've occasionally kept in contact with over the years. Believe she's still in Nova Scotia. Not written her for a year or two.

    Scully was a moderator here back in the day - I must have caused her no end of grief lol dear of her back then.

    Mouthy? Awww that's a shame about her. She was always a gentle soul and had lots of wisdom and an open broad mind. A real sweetheart. I got along fantastic with her and she helped me very early on more than she will now ever know.

    Uzzah aka Kismet. Celty grins broadly. Good to know you're still around. I hope life is treating you well.

    So what has Celtic been up to all of these years beside taking far too many drugs? Well, that's a long story. I now live happily by myself (still lol) with my crazy Greek dog Elpi who I rescued from the side of the road near Turkey when I was down there in one of my old vans. Found her when she was smaller than the palm of my hand shivering in the ice and snow so scooped her up when she was no more than a few weeks old and hand fed her and drove her back eventually with me to west Cornwall in the UK. Friends forever now and my constant companion. Now curled up on my bed fast asleep waiting to be snuggled.

    I was down in Greece volunteering on the refugee crisis. You may have heard of the infamous Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesvos. That was one of the camps I was volunteering in for quite a while. Also in another camp run by a bunch of hardcore German anarchists (No Border Kitchen Lesvos). I was also heavily involved with carrying out the refugee boat rescues on Lesvos. Also did quite a bit of volunteering on the Greek mainland. Drove the 2,000+ miles there and back twice and slept in my van to keep my running costs to a minimum.

    Kind of miss the action to be honest. The interactions with the refugees, many of them war victims with truly horrendous stories to share, the regular riots between the Sunnis and the Shia Muslims. Dealing with the gypsies who were stealing everything in sight. The local mafias. The extreme far right members of Golden Dawn (fascist bastards), running one of the clothing distribution centres and a lot more besides -you name it I've been in the thick of the action.

    Now back here in west Cornwall I'm self employed again buying and selling boats and outboard engines as well as doing all of my usual political campaigning.

    It's been an adventurous life with plenty more life left in the old dog yet. Never did get my own home to live in I now live on the road in a large classic old box van with a rustic interior, wood burner inside, solar on the roof, keep my life simple and enjoy it to the max. Very rarely does JW shit even go through my mind anymore at all these days. Of course I still miss my family but that ain't my decision and no point getting upset about something I can do nowt about. Sod the JWs and all of their utter sheer BS and absolute bollocks.

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