Who was a member here back in the late 1990s?

by MebyonKernow 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • carla

    I remember you and all the names you posted! had to look up how long I have been here, 14 years. sigh. Glad to have such a wealth of information and wisdom though. Still looking forward to the day I can write my, "My jw has left!!!" post. Maybe someday, hope springs eternal and all that jazz.

  • naomidangerlee

    This site was instrumental to my leaving - I joined 2007/2008 - and remember Mouthy and Oompa and Blondie. I never posted when I was PIMO, just read; only posted from 2010 I think under other handles that I lost my login details for.


  • wannaexit

    I cam here in 2002- that was my awakening.

    I do miss a lot of the older posters. There were a few that really left an impression like Maxim, Amazing, JT (although he and Lady C are back on youtube) Mary, Mulan,.....too many to write down.

  • blondie

    Some just don't want to talk so much about it and want to concentrate on their family. Others have other venues for that such as JT and Lady C. Barbara Anderson comes over here to post news items on the progress regarding the WTS and child sexual abuse but has her own website.

    I do know that some still read the comments here to keep up on WTS "new light."

    Some of us don't post as much, believe it or not I don't post as much either. But I love your comments that keep me humble.

  • Wolfy

    This site was a big part of my waking up process back when I joined in 2001. I still pop by once in awhile to see what the latest topics are.

    Some people have passed away while others have moved on from their JW life and have gotten busy creating a new life for themselves. Some people like me have family still in so I keep tabs every so often on events in JW land.

  • TheListener

    I've been around 15 years but don't post much. I'm not the type to make a big impression on boards like this. I mostly read and learn. I miss Leolaia who taught me so much. I lurked for a long while before joining and did a lot of research on doctrine before I could let go of the dubs and move on. All my kids are free but my wife is not.

  • blondie

    TheListener, I always look for your posts. I read more than I post (hard to believe, eh?) I am learning to mark like on posts that I read but don't post on.


    In the late ninety's there were some on here that were very controversial and I found it much more enjoyable and informative. Many of these ones were railroaded and banned which took away a much needed dynamic, "The Freedom Of Expression".

    It was very entertaining and at times humorous to to see the exchange of different positions that ex-witnesses had and I miss that.

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