Who was a member here back in the late 1990s?

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
    New people keep new ideas coming in and new viewpoints. It is a good place for someone just coming out to find support and people who understand where they are because we were there. Progress can be made.

    Totally agree with Blondie.If it was not for this site and years of archived info I would not have had an outlet to learn,research n know of loads of experiences of exjws when still in. No doubt it is still being used to help others .I most certainly do.

    Please keep this site going for as long as possible.Kudo's to all n many thanks to all of you who have shared, sharing,hoping you continue to, on this site.


  • Balaamsass2

    I lurked on this group years ago while I was still an Elder having serious doubts. Third Gen found my 2 Ray Franz books while I was at work and tossed them in the garbage!! LOL, She was furious.

    Well a PIMO JW, a friend from high school, called me one evening and said: "did you hear about the Menlo Park CA hall scandal?" "No" He gave me a quick rundown and I googled it and a lot of threads were on this group. 3rd Gen read about it as well. I knew many of the players and the fact that the "Society's Elder" had an affinity for hookers, lies, and scams, and the DF'd Elders were very sincere humble true believers really made things clear. 3rd Gen finally read Ray Franzes 2 books that month online here and was OUT.

    This group is a goldmine of information...including OLD threads..and important group therapy for those leaving. It is a lot of work to maintain and my thanks go out to Simon and those who continue to post and interact.

    I prefer to just chat on the phone from time to time and on Facebook with some I have met here or in person at aposta fests, however, this group is a valuable resource. Keep up the good work everyone!!!!

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I started on here around 2007, though I lurked before that as an elder.

    I met Dagney and Uzzah at an Apostafest in Toronto, what was that, 2008, along with others from here. (What happened to Eclipse)?

    Anyone remember the Werewolf games we used to play here? Completely UN JW related, but fun. I still have feiends IRL because of that.

    The Silence is still a friend, ***waves**** though I haven't talked to her in awhile. Ironic since we live and work near each other, (on certain routes at work, I think I pass her neighborhood). Indirectly, I have her to thank for meeting my wife. She knows. lol.

    My life has changed so much due to this place. If not for Simon and JWN/JWD, I wonder if I would have left TheBorg.

    Snakes (Rich)

  • alanv

    I got out of the org in 1993. I had known it was not the truth for several years, but I enjoyed the social side of being in. So these days, I still keep up with JW news as my eldest son is still in the cult. I like to come on here as well, just to see what is happening in JW land

  • truthseeker

    I've been reading this forum since 2000 and plucked up the courage to join in 2003.

    Used to be a member of Witnesses.net and Hour Glass 2 outpost.

  • blondie

    truthseeker, I was on witness.net too and read posts on H2O as well. When witness.net shut down, Simon started this DB and I came over then.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    ive taken the liberty of copying your recent post to a friend of mine--an ex elder who lived in cornwall for several years.

  • minimus

    Does anybody remember Dave Malone, who was a mod here and was a great guy! I used to talk about the him a lot back in the day. I believe he’s very ill with a debilitating depression disease. I sure do miss him.

    Hillary Step was probably the sharpest guy to grace this board. British I think and cutting sense of humor and dead right on all of his comments.

  • Gorbatchov

    Ozner lost his login credentials once and became Gorbatchov.

    2003 was my start here at the bord.

    Before I was on Hourglas2 and xjw.com


  • nicolaou

    I signed up in February 2001. Do I get a long service certificate or something? I ran a couple of the old MSN Groups before then - JustJws and altJehovah’sWitnesses. This was all before Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram and the rest.

    JWs have never had fewer excuses for ignorance than they do now.

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