Why are the atheists on this site so hateful?

by HopeEverLasting 84 Replies latest jw friends

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray
    you earned the "fuck off".

    How much is a 'fuck off' worth these days...???

  • Hadriel

    @Frank I know you have, others not so much. Their mentality is it doesn't' matter, don't discuss it because it doesn't fit nicely into what the want.

    When someone won't state the obvious it is time to shut it down.

  • Hadriel

    lol @Giles

  • Hadriel

    @Konceptual99 um this is not acceptable ->

    by being a lying jackass with short man's disease. - @Viviane
  • Simon
    This encourages the non-theist types to run wild allowing them to belittle, degrade and borderline bully people into accepting a specific point of view.
    I would call that troll/pot stirring at its best.

    No. The comments were targeted at those that are the problem.

    If the site was being overrun by atheists creating troll accounts to insult and disrupt discussions then I'd tell them to fuck off too.

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