Why are the atheists on this site so hateful?

by HopeEverLasting 84 Replies latest jw friends

  • Vidiot
    HopeEverLasting - "Dear god, OrphanCrow... I think I'm in love..."

    Get a room, guys...

  • OrphanCrow
    DJS: I think I'm in love

    Be careful

    Ya wouldn't want emotion to get in the way of making rational decisions


  • Vidiot
    HopeEverLasting - "...you atheists reject it because it is your nature to not be humble and see God because you want to rule your own life..."

    Oh, god, I can't believe I missed this bit.

    Now you're just being an asshole, Hope.

    And I say this as a theistically-leaning agnostic.

  • Hadriel

    Well when you have the moderator/owner of this site telling people to "fuck off" that doesn't really exactly deescalate things much.

    This encourages the non-theist types to run wild allowing them to belittle, degrade and borderline bully people into accepting a specific point of view.

    I would call that troll/pot stirring at its best.

    Being in the middle (not certain of what to believe as we can't define the origin of life yet) it is clear to me that both sides need to chill out. Both could be wrong on some level or another.

    and since it's apparently cool to f-bomb whole groups of people here...

    For the non-theists here that demand you assimilate because you said so....yeah you can "fuck off".

  • Tallon

    I've been following this discussion thread from the outset. So here's a possible solution;

    Why not agree to disagree and move on !

  • Finkelstein

    What HEL is identifying as hate is in fact the strong condemnation of his dishonesty in his so called supporting information toward theism.

    Typical though to play the victim when opposing arguments are rationally more honest and logical.

    How about maturing that intellect HEL it would really uplift your character profile ?

  • Hadriel

    @Frankenstein it is also categorically dishonest to not answer a direct question because you don't want to feel the words cross your lips.

    Which is exactly what happens when you ask poignant questions which science has yet to solve and yet the non-theist types simply won't state the obvious.

    Until the origin of life question is solved NO ONE should be puffing out their peacock chest.

    Without the origin of life there is no evolution, I'm not typing this....in short there is nothing.

  • Viviane
    For the non-theists here that demand you assimilate because you said so....yeah you can "fuck off

    Not one person has demanded that of you. That sort of dishonesty is why you earned the "fuck off". It wasn't given to you freely, you earned your fuck off the old fashioned way, by being a lying jackass with short man's disease.

  • konceptual99

    It really isn't about bullying people into a position. The problem is simple. In the vast majority of cases those who support the influence of a deity in the bio-chemical processes that support life do not present sound, reasonable and logical arguments that call into question any aspect of established scientific opinion.

    To use a recent example, if we are talking about homochirality then the published scientific research is not discussed or other alternative science presented, what we get is "I am going to ignore the research and still conclude god dun it because that's what I feel like doing".

    When this type of position is questioned or even ridiculed then the stock answer is "you're not respecting my opinion. You're a closed minded, atheist bully".

    This is not bullying or hate. It's simply the natural reaction when anyone counters reasonable argument with logical fallacies, obfuscation and poor debating skills.

    The same is true in the recent discussion about abiogenesis. No one is arguing that science has not answered the question yet. That does not mean that there is zero idea about how it could happen or that science is as far away from an answer now as they were 10, 20 or even 100 years ago.

    Mocking the primordial soup hypothesis makes about as much sense as the sneering and ill-informed comments like "you can say you came from a monkey but I certainly didn't" common to many creationists when they talk about human evolution.

    Robust questioning of poorly presented arguments is not bullying. Those who wish to question what has been established time and time again or make sneer ignorantly at what is still unknown simply need to come to the party properly prepared. Turning up to a black tie event in a Mickey Mouse costume will result in one being laughed at.

  • Finkelstein

    which science has yet to solve and yet the non-theist types simply won't state the obvious.

    I have stated many times that there is still unknowns that mankind has yet to clearly discover, done so with intellectual honesty in hand.

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