The con is completed - comments from the US branch's LDC chief

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  • konceptual99


    I would tend to agree with Vidiot. As we know they realising as much capital as possible from property and streamlining things to reduce costs. I think the money is being put away to allow the organisation to mitigate against several risks including:

    - reducing income from donations

    - potential tax liabilities if their taxable status changes

    - hiding funds from being used to pay damages and compensation arising from an increase in claims related to historical child abuse

    - investing to offset reducing voluntary income

    I think someone (or a group of people) have been raising the possibility that the big A may be a LONG way off, membership may full well decrease and how the hell is the org going to pay it's way. I wouldn't be surprised if this has been raised several times over recent years and received short shrift until one day someone had the balls to put some incontrovertible facts to the GB and scare them shitless.

    • Cue Letts and his begging speech.
    • Cue immediate stop to the global building program.
    • Cue turfing out the oldies so Bethel is not a retirement home in 15 years time.
    • Cue the consolidation of congregations into less halls.
    • Cue the decision to make accommodation for Bethelites in the third world less attractive and equivalent to forst world standards.
    • Cue the downsizing of full time Bethelites.

    etc. etc. etc.

  • Vidiot

    Credit where credit's due.

    It's gotta be the most elaborate safety-net scheme I've ever heard of.


  • slimboyfat

    It don't think the mystery is so great. Lett explained it in simple terms: "we have more money going out than we have coming in brothers". In that situation you need to sell assets and cut costs to survive financially. It's not a question of "what are they going to do with all the money". The cutbacks and begging for donations are all about keeping afloat.

    In many ways it's been a long time coming. They've been living on borrowed time since they stopped charging for literature in the 1990s. The displacement of print media, the crash of 2008, the abuse claims, declining recruitment, and aging staff have all exacerbated the problem.

    What will they do when they run out of assets to sell? Can they cut costs enough to make the religion sustainable long term?

  • Vidiot

    @ slimboyfat...

    If not "borrowed" time, then definitely deferred... :smirk:

    "What will they do when they run out of assets to sell? Can they cut costs enough to make the religion sustainable long term?"

    Not with their current business plan, IMO.

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