The con is completed - comments from the US branch's LDC chief

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  • ttdtt
    stan livedeath3 hours agowith all the printing technology and know how----why doesnt the watchtower society simply print money ?

    THEY DO!! They call it "Publishers Pockets"

  • respectful_observer

    "To the extent that I've had access to people at the higher levels of that organization, it's become clear to me that they viewed the rank and file with contempt. They set up these scams not because it will result in the most money, but because the flock can't be trusted and don't deserve the truth."

    See a discussion on their version of "truth" here:

  • respectful_observer

    "The money collected so far has to be well in excess of $1 billion (see my original post).

    They must be doing something with all that cash....but what?"

    Perhaps they see themselves as a modern day Joseph with his storehouses before the big famine, socking away as much cash as possible right now (while they still have it). Of course the actual reasons for any future "financial famine" would be debatable. Something along the lines of...


    In Genesis, Jehovah warned Pharaoh through a dream that the land would suffer an extended famine. (Gen 41:1-7) However because Joseph was a true worshiper of Jehovah and found to be "discreet and wise" (Gen 41:33, 39), he understood the warning and was able to act. Joseph was truly discreet and wise during the seven years of abundance by "stockpiling grain in very great quantity, like the sand of the sea, until finally they gave up measuring it because it could not be measured." (Gen 41:49)

    Jehovah God has warned of yet another "famine" to come, this time for false religion's Babylon the Great (Rev 18:8). By means of divine judgement her "great riches [will be] devastated" (Rev 18:17).

    In stark contrast to Babylon the Great, true worshipers today enjoy the oversight of a modern day "Joseph"-- another "faithful and discreet slave." Like Joseph, this slave is wise and has heeded the divine warning. Rather than suffering the impending financial devastation of Babylon the Great, this "faithful and discreet slave" has, like Joseph, wisely stockpiled "grain in very great quantity". Such discreet wisdom will allow Jehovah's worshipers today to continue to flourish as a global brotherhood.

    While Babylon the Great's financial waters are drying up, true Christians today are able to build new Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, branch facilities, and remote translation offices-- all thanks to this faithful slave's adherance to Divine warning. What a privilege it is for each of us to continue to contribute all we can to this modern storehouse until it too becomes like the "sands of the sea", giving evidence of Jehovah's blessing!


    Just a thought.

  • Gorbatchov

    It's The Firm. Cayman Islands, Bahama's!

  • freddo


    Very good!

    Now read Luke 12 v 18 - 20 ...

  • respectful_observer

    freddo 17 minutes ago


    Very good!

    Now read Luke 12 v 18 - 20 ...

    Haha! Those are exactly the verses that popped into my head earlier when I was writing that! Great minds think alike.

  • Lostandfound

    Was Thomas Chikky or whatever he is called, speaking out of turn, clearly the top management responsible for this policy. as they were responsible for Letts appalling (clearly on the record) broadcast begging for money to support building 100s of KH in US. Duplicity of highest degree or sheer utter incompetence. These two things going together at same time exposes brazen lying even Trump would not try.

    Or wAs this apparently off the cuff item used to test water, determine how well they were getting away with it? See the reaction of the herd?

  • WingCommander

    Having read all of these threads (LBC comments + resurrection/salvation thread), all I can say is how stunned I am. I know I shouldn't be; nothing about these crooks should surprise me. But there is a rage deep down inside's been burning for years. Having the, the PROMISE of my youth, of never growing old or at least dying in this old System of Things, so nonchalantly and sneakily pulled out from under me, and now actually spoken about so publicly, is just too much. This cult is a total farce, and the people running it are nothing short of low-down dirty crooks and total mutherfuggers! I'd kick the clown Lett, and smirky bastard TOMO III, and that slimy porky-pig Sanderson right in their f*cking balls if I EVER saw them in person, either around here (3 hours from WT HQ), or if I happened to pass them on the streets of NYC. Square in their tiny, brass, BALLS!! Then, as they reel in pain, I lean over and whisper in their ears, "You seeing the light now? You FEELING that inspiration pulsing thru your bosom? Jehovah says you've been a verrrrry naughty boy!!!" Then, I'd proceed to kick them square in their arses as I walk off. After a lifetime of this crap, I wouldn't care who'd see me either. My grin would be too wide to contain.

  • Vidiot
    "...we'll occasionally build a new Kingdom Hall, but we don't need very many of those..."

    Let's be honest, guys.

    The only really surprising thing about this admission is the fact that it was actually admitted. :smirk:

  • flipper

    " We're going to work with what we have "

    " Oh, we'll occasionally build a new kingdom hall, but we don't need many of those. "

    Translation : " We're going to work with what we have because it makes us more money consolidating all of you JW's into more crowded congregations thereby enabling us WT leaders to sell off the unused kingdom halls for a profit, er, excuse me " Kingdom Interests" - so it furthers " Jehovah's name " . "

    " Also- we'll occasionally build a new kingdom hall, but it won't be necessary as many brothers and sisters show such FAITH in the faithful and discreet slaves direction by willingly traveling 30 miles or more to partake of Jehovah's , er, excuse me WT Society's " bountiful spiritual FOOD " !

    If you haven't hit your gag reflex button inside of you yet after reading this- you know that you're still under WT cult mind control

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