So Long Palmyra NY Hall

by mrquik 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • truthlover
    I know I would not be travelling to a hall that is 50 miles or kilometers away for a 1 hour 45 min meeting......... so they may be seeing a decrease in their average pub number next year if this keeps up.. its bad enough you are travelling farther to the conventions now which is costing more, and the economy getting worse....
  • steve2

    And let's not forget the main reason the organization gave for stopping the standalone hour-long weekly Book Study meeting: Fuel costs.

    So, in true fleecing style, the organization "gives" with one hand, whilst taking back with the other. Those being fleeced have not yet realized what's happening.

    I predict though, that this for some will be the last straw.

    Watch mid-week attendance decline further still.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I expect to see more local assembly halls, with 3 auditoriums, to be used morning, afternoon, and evening on sundays. And at least 4 nights on weeknights for the CLAM and book study.
  • mrquik
    Ironically my brother is the presiding elder at Newark. When I first mentioned this arrangement last year, he was telling me how great it was. That the society kicked in for their new HVAC. Not bad. Fleece them for $150,000 & buy them a $10,000 HVAC installed for free by suckers. Nice return.......

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