So Long Palmyra NY Hall

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  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    What would the GB say - maybe: "Don't question Jehovah! The Holy Spirit is guiding these decisions! Just work, give money, STFU, dummies!"


  • biblexaminer
    More money down the rabbit hole.
  • Mandrake
    Here in my ex Congo, the org bought a small property, but unsuitable for building a hall for many local government requirements and regulations on new constructions, so the property has been Unused for about 3-4 years and they are paying taxes as it is a commercial use registered site... Very sloppy management
  • OneFingerSalute

    Fleecing of the flock?

    Naw, just the governing body showing loving concern for the money "entrusted" to them by the rank and file. (Sarcasm off)

  • WTWizard

    Nice going. Right in the middle of the favored lake effect area off Lake Ontario that you so often see in weather reports--south of Buffalo, northern Wayne county, the north of Syracuse and Tug Hill Plateau. Hopefully, this will force them to cancel many a boasting session for "a dusting of snow" because, even though it can be clear in one area, a few kilometers away there could be half a meter of snow on the road and zero visibility. This also happens in Cleveland and Erie, off Lake Erie; in Michigan (especially in the UP); and parts of southern Canada just east of Superior.

    More sinister than the gratuitous snow day is that they got the congregation's hopes up for a new building, sold the existing one, and then pulled the rug out from under them. Hopefully, many will decide it's not worth the extra 30 minute drive each way (on school nights, to boot) just to attend a boasting session. Not to mention the tolls, should anyone elect to take a toll road--and the gas, wear and tear on vehicles, and the risk of getting into an accident because they have to leave at 4:55 AM to arrive at the meeting for street work. (And by 8:25 for regular field circus).

    Which may not have been that bad if it were because the dollar had just become toilet paper before they could secure it or because donations were way down. However, they had the funds on hand. The washtowel simply snatched it away from the congregation. And, what does THEIR OWN BIBLE say about stealing? That damnation book, to which they gleefully proclaim allegiance, says that thieves shall not inherit God's kingdom. It also admonishes the thief to steal no more. This is not "stealing no more"! This is blatant hypocrisy, which is even more serious than the original "sin" they committed of stealing itself.

    And I think Sophia should just refuse to donate to this damnation work (and so should everyone else) and get that ice cream cone. If you don't want ice cream, get something else you can enjoy now or go to your local coin shop and buy a silver dime (or two--or three--or even a few quarters) with the money you were going to donate for these thieves that gleefully proclaim thieves will not inherit God's kingdom. You should keep these coins, not donate them. Hide them, and then when your currency becomes toilet paper or you experience banking holidays followed by bail-ins, you refuse to help out those who donated themselves into need.

  • sir82

    Their "master plan" (yes, they officially call it that) is to have exactly 3 congregations per Kingdom Hall, regardless of circumstances.

    So, if your congregation gets dissolved, or is instructed to travel to a Kingdom Hall 50 miles away, to support the "master plan"?

    "Keep warm and well fed, brothers, Jehovah appreciates your sacrifice, now shut up and move!"

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    a few years ago my late father kicked in £5000 to his kingdumb hall fund. that hall got sold not long after. did he get his money back--?--err--no.

    that was out of my inheritance.

  • ToesUp
    Our old KH was sold to a church. But Brothers and Sisters can't do any work (i.e. plumbing, electrical, etc.) on a church, not even entering the doors. So we can sell our KH's to a church? WTF! Hypocrisy at it's best!!!
  • nevaagain

    just to add to what @sir82 said. there were a couple of congregations which build a hall with their own money and are basicly housing only one congregation. those halls are often in such a proximity, that really, they only suit the one congregation. seeing as it was build by their own funds, it is not big deal, right? Now I heard, that to support the 3 congregations per kingdom hall plan, they might sell off those congregations and make them move to other halls. Unfair right? What if its elderly who scapped their last dime to have a hall nearby so they dont have to travel far?

  • truthlover

    Yet in the latest Yearbook they show an increase in congregations to feed the pubs.... because, all these congregations are being "fed" in one hall with 2 - 4 congregations per hall... what an increase!!! They are selling off publisher paid and kept brick and mortar buildings and dispersing them to the boonies.... what ever happened to gas savings (even though it is lower today than previous)..... there has to be a law!! Where is it?? Somebody on board must be a lawyer that can get together a class action suit.... anybody??

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