So can you pray for others that are not JW's ? Or only JW's

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  • Divergent

    St George of England:

    During the Haiti earthquake a few years ago I mentioned the people in a prayer at the conclusion of the meeting.
    Nothing was said, to me anyway

    You might get away with it once or twice, BUT if you repeatedly pray for the people of an afflicted country instead of saying "the BROTHERS & SISTERS" from that country, the elders WILL talk to you sooner or later!

    It's an unwritten rule that we DON'T pray for non-witnesses, UNLESS we are praying for them to find "the truth"!


    So can you pray for others that are not JW's ? Or only JW's

    JW`s Pray For Other People.........................Most Of The Time..

    ..............All the Time.............................The Prayers Aren`t Very Nice...Image result for jehovah's witness praying.....Image result for watchtower armageddon


    .............That Guy Won`t Need..

    ......His Beautiful House Anymore!..

    .................LETS MOVE IN!..

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  • aboveusonlysky

    "Can we pray for someone who isn't a JW"

    1Tim 2:1 "First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be made concerning all sorts of men"

    Matt 5:44 "However, I say to you: Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you"

    That's what the Bible says, but if an elder says different......

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    I'm a witness, so I need to know...can we pray for someone that isn't a JW

    Isn't that the core problem of Jehovah's Witnesses? Almost all of them need rules and regulations for everthing in life, for every fart they let rip.

    • Can I accept this job?
    • Can I use a tablet during a meeting?
    • Can sisters wear nice pants in field service?
    • Can brothers grow beards?
    • Can brothers leave their tie or jacket at home?
    • Can I pray for non-JW/ex-JW/stray dogs?
    • Can I accept this medical treatment?

    Almost all JW can't think about these things for themselves.

    The ones that do (and maybe deviate from the common accepted standard), will be looked down upon as spiritual weak.

    I realize that this situation has been created by JW leaders, who have inserted themselves into every aspect of JW's lives and decisions. Only when they have no clue, or fear legal repercussions they allow individuals to use their own brain and conscience.

    Reminds me of....what were those religious leaders in the Gospels called again?

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Again, thanks for your reply. I wasn't asking to find out if I can, I just wanted to know if this was really true. I have good sense (don't ask me why I'm a witness, too long of a story). I know you can pray for others. I listen to what they say from the stage, but I know darn well, most of the stuff they say is not bible based, it's based on MAN'S INTERPRETATION.

    JW's have so many rules..they think they aren't Pharisee's but they are. Most of them have a "See Me" personality. They wouldn't do anything for anyone if it's not seen or counted.

    Basically, JW's need the permission to BREATHE...Someone on this site started a topic, About Needing structure. Many of the witnesses need structure, left up to their own devices...who knows what they would be doing.

    When you really think about it. Some witnesses are are selfish, pious, tattle talers, & so on...Just think how bad they would be if they weren't in there.

    I loved all of your replies, they told me what I already knew. You can pray for others, that Elder, was just being an ELDER...I will let his conscience deal with him. I wonder if he remembers me ever asking him to pray with this female...Not a problem.

    I'll let the powers that be take care of it....

    But how do I keep from Gloating ???? I really want to say to the told me that you can't pray for this lady & here it is in Black & White & from your God/Governing Body, saying...Jehovah is pleased when you pray for others....& after that statement was a period..It didn't add a coma & say, Only others that are your brothers, sisters or studies...Oh man I really wanna....

    Ok, I'm better...venting...done..


  • MercyBrew

    Praying for others, especially those contrary to you is a defining trait of a true disciple. Jesus said that much in his teachings on the mountain noting that praying for those consistent with you makes you no better that sinners and ungodly persons.. He himself prayed for those who crucified him just as Stephen will also later do. Paul offers prayers for the nation of Israel despite its anti-Christ posture. Samuel prayed for Israel and Saul even in their backsliding states.

    Praying for others is first a grace to you than to the one you pray for. True prayer changes you inside out. You get to bear the burden of others, sometimes for them and sometimes with them. In prayer, God helps you to empathize and identify with others to share and relieve them of the weight of their challenges. More importantly, praying for those contrary to you matures you. You get to grow into the likeness of God who sends his rain on both the just and the unjust. It makes you rise above fleshly sentiments of tit for tat and gives God justified reasons to be patient and forbear more towards such people to the intent that they might still repent and turn to God.

    Sometimes people need to pray and know they need to but are overwhelmed and helpless or are just unable to pray as effectively as they should.. Lot had separated himself from Abraham and pitched with the Sodomites. Yet when God was determined to destroy the place, Abraham interceded and though his final negotiations with God was not exactly achieved as requested, God fulfilled the spirit of the intercessions by granting Lot an escape knowing that Abraham's real interest in interceding for the city to be spared is to save Lot and family.

    Sometimes also people are challenged and in a position that leaves them unable to pray, either physically, mentally or emotionally. Jesus asked for prayers from his three closest disciples and when they failed because they were exceedingly sorrowful, he still remembered them, more especially Peter.

  • millie210
    I really want to say to the told me that you can't pray for this lady & here it is in Black & White & from your God/Governing Body, saying...Jehovah is pleased when you pray for others....& after that statement was a period..It didn't add a coma & say, Only others that are your brothers, sisters or studies...

    Hi Tor,

    Great thread. I can identify with so much of what has been posted.

    Can you weave a comment on what you KNOW to be true in to a talk you are giving?

    If you are not on the school, then can you weave it in to a comment during the comments section of the midweek meeting?

    I noticed there is a part coming up in May about how to use the JW library....

    it would be fun to comment that you had this question and then use the scriptures from this thread to show research from their own library that you were right!

  • tor1500

    Hi Millie210,

    You know Millie, I think of different ways to say things in comments that kind of make them, say AH!!!. To be honest I think I give them something to think about. Many have said to me...That I just come out with the most heartfelt honest comments...So my messages are subliminal...well at least I try. I happen to love people, all people, no matter whether they are JW's or of another religion or no religion at all. So, it's kind of difficult for me to be a witness...being that they are so partial.

    Millie, I believe in God...I believe he will handle this in his own way...I've seen things happen, that I would have prayed to happen & viola, it happens...I try to watch my hearts motive for what I pray for. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm imperfect, so I succumb to pay back as well as anyone else.

    By this praying for others is enough for me...He saw it in Black & he knows he is wrong, have been wrong in the past & if he don't take heed he will be wrong in the future. I speak to a sister daily, she said the same thing, Oh NO, we can't pray for or with others...that are not JW's. I just said. Oh really ? That just shows me how mean spirited JW's can be.

    Believe or not, I have a talk soon, I'm the householder, but it's not on this subject...But trust me Millie, my time is coming..Just the mention of if in our Weekly Meeting Book is the start of the iceberg.

    You know what's funny. The elder sends me pix a couple times a week, of flowers & scenery, stuff like that...PS: He is married...UMMM...I'm just saying...

    Another subject I liked to mention to them is imitating Jehovah & you know what comes with that...if you want to imitate them...YOU HAVE TO LOVE & FORGIVE LIKE be careful who & what you want to imitate...Millie I have a million of them..

    I hope you will continue to read my threads...most people on here don't bother with me ...but that doesn't matter at ...I really come here to vent & hope someone replies....& also, to make sure I'm not crazy.

    @MercyBlue....Excellent reply...I'm going to print it....for future use....It's so on point & True. You mirror my thoughts exactly...Thanks for your reply...I feel better...This site, encourages me so much. It keeps me balanced...


  • Vidiot

    @ MercyBrew...

    Dutiful JWs don't really follow the Bible.

    They follow what the WT leadership says the Bible says.

  • jhine

    purrpurr , no it's a crappy religion .


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