So can you pray for others that are not JW's ? Or only JW's

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  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Went to the meeting last night...finished Job, thank goodness.. Here's what I need to know. I'm a witness, so I need to know...can we pray for someone that isn't a JW. Reason I ask, once a friend of mine was going for an operation. I asked an Elder could he pray with her before she goes into the hospital. We were not at the hall, don't want to give up too much info...JW police, everywhere...anyways, the Elder said, NO, because she isn't a JW or a study, & another sister told me we can't pray for folks (only JW"s). Well, if any of you went to the meeting last night. Praying for Other Pleases Jehovah. It was brought out that God TOLD Job to pray for his friends. So, I'm putting out there...are we or are we not to pray for others that are not exactly like us...The brother mentioned that some folks are too spiritually weak, lost all hope, etc to pray for themselves so we could pray for them...So funny, I looked at the Elder that wouldn't pray with my friend....that blank, rigid neck JW's get when they been doing something that was wrong. I see it all the time. When they disagree or the reasoning the Society gives doesn't line up with the Bible..they get stiff like a board. They don't look to the left or right, just straight ahead. I look at body language when the society is giving some hog wash explanation. The JW's body language says it all or they'll do a little cough...Funny to me.

    Anyway, hope to hear from you folks, If not...Thanks for the venting session.


  • committeechairman

    There is no reason you cannot pray for someone else. JW or not. This is true within the framework of Jehovah's Witnesses and just generally as a spiritual human being.

    When I get a few minutes I'll post references. That elder is wrong.


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    During the Haiti earthquake a few years ago I mentioned the people in a prayer at the conclusion of the meeting.

    Nothing was said, to me anyway.


  • sir82

    Praying publicly for people who are not JWs is another of the 15,856 things that Just Aren't Done.

    You're not even "allowed" to pray for non-JW victims of natural disasters.

    Of course, you won't find that written anywhere, but if someone were to try it, you'd see a bee line by the entire BOE racing up to the podium the millisecond that the "n" from "amen" died away, all ready to pounce with "loving counsel".

    They'd move even faster than they do when the Golden Corral puts out a fresh supply of Ribs-In-Glop.

  • purrpurr

    I've been told off many a time recently when j have prayed (when forced to pray out loud) for non jw's. I was told that Jehovah won't bless them because they don't obey him!

    Sounds like a pretty crappy God to me

  • OneEyedJoe

    If your belief system leaves you questioning whether you're "allowed" to do something kind for someone - ANYONE - then I think you need to step back and reevaluate how you got there.

  • punkofnice
    Wow. What a bigot that elder is. It's hardly surprising given that worship has turned from Jehovah to worship of the Governing body instead. This really is not the religion I was raised in. It's become corporate and cruel.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Matt 10:29 "Not a sparrow falls to the ground without your father knowing about it"

    Your friend should be able to pray to God for assistance on her own and her prayer still be heard whether or not others pray for her . I never understood the idea that it took multiple prayers on behalf of someone else to get God to listen. If that were the case, popular people or people with large families would be given priority and an orphan or lonely old widow would be out of luck.

    Pray for whoever you want to. Your relationship is with God and there's no need to look to other people to tell you what you can or can't pray to him about.

  • blondie


    If Someone Says—

    ‘Pray with me first, then give me your message’

    You might reply: ‘I’m glad to know that you are a person who appreciates the importance of prayer. Jehovah’s Witnesses also pray regularly. But there is something that Jesus said about when and how to pray that may be new to you. Did you know that he told his disciples not to offer public prayers with a view to having others see that they were devout, praying persons? . . . (Matt. 6:5)’ Then perhaps add: ‘Notice what he went on to say should be of primary concern to us and what we should put first in our prayers. That is what I have come to share with you. (Matt. 6:9, 10)’

    Or you could say: ‘I know that representatives from some religious groups do that. But Jehovah’s Witnesses do not, because Jesus instructed his disciples to go about their work of preaching in another manner. Instead of saying, “When you enter a house, first pray,” notice what he said, as found here at Matthew 10:12, 13. . . . And see here in verse 7 what they were to talk about. . . . How can that Kingdom help people like you and me? (Rev. 21:4)’

    However, I say to you: Continue to love your enemies+ and to pray for those who persecute you

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I love all of your true...I know a person can pray for themselves. Sometimes it's comforting to have others pray with you, not for you. Of course, that's optional....I just wanted to find out. Our prayers are our own way to communicate to God & to form your own relationship with them.

    I think another article will come out to say....Jehovah says it's ok to Pray for others...but what others...this article will explain who the "Others" are.

    What I'm really thinking is that they are getting letters from readers & they are asking...Is it true that JW's don't pray for others only other JW's ? So they had to cover their behinds & put something in print to say...No we never said that...OFFICIALLY...

    This religion is becoming so transparent because of the Internet....

    Hope many who are lurking or just checking out this site realize, that when you are in, the rules change. To the public we seem all warm & fuzzy, but once you get in....another story altogether.

    I'm glad I'm not petty. I would love to go to the Elder & also another sister said I couldn't pray for others & say to them...So 'member when you told me that we can't pray for others ?...UMMM...

    I'm glad I have my own mind, I even take my own mind into the meetings....I've said some comments that make them the end of the meetings, some will come to me & say, that was a nice comment, I never thought of it that way... In my mind, I say to myself...that's your problem, you don't think...


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