Evolutionist on their deathbed.

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  • sparky1

    HEY Nimble Duck...........................

  • Finkelstein

    No, finky, I am not a Watchtower supporter and I am not deluded. I want Watchtower to burn. Keep assuming though, it's the only way you can support the theory of evolution.

    Evolution has nothing to do with this thread topic .

    You show your ignorance on your sleeve as well high jack your own thread and put a disingenuous twist to support another one of your pointed beliefs.

    You have a lot to learn about evolution, evolution is based on physical evidence, do you have physical evidence to show a supernatural being made the universe and if so please provide.

    I think your that spamming nutter that got booted off the forum a couple of months ago , is that a truth Duck ?


    But the Catholics aren't on here, shoving Catholicism down everyone's throat.....ND

    A good JW Argument always includes the Catholics!

    That means you win the debate.....Right?..

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    DeeGee ยป Has anyone been back from the dead and personally told you about their conversation with God, what he/she said to God and vice versa, and provided you with the details of what the afterlife is like?

    That's kind of the whole question about religion, isn't it? And how we face our own demise is central to it all. The JWs most also experience some apprehension when they die as well, because they, too, face a void...a cessation of existence. If there really is a soul sleep, a person will literally cease to exist, never to exist again. Jehovah may reconstruct someone, reconstruct their memories -- the person may even look the same and feel the same -- but all they can expect to be is a carbon copy. Jehovah could crank out two more of them without breaking a sweat! But none would be the same exact person and all three would swear they were the originals (and in a sense they'd all be right...and wrong).

    Intelligence would have to be constant to be eternal. God could take all your original particles and recreate you bit by bit, atom by atom, and you still would be only a copy.

    The entire idea behind religion is revelation. People don't all experience life after life revelations, nor do they all see God. But it's far too simplified to say that all prophets are con men and that all those who believe them are fools. Con men aren't usually willing to die for their cons and many religionists have been shown to be some of the most brilliant thinkers and writers in world history.

    Whether created or the products of generations of evolution, man has some internal need for religion. And many early prophets weren't one-man bands. They had witnesses. Moses had a meal prepared for seventy elders, all of which "saw the God of Israel." So whether the account is true or false, the ancient God of the Hebrews wasn't hidden as many other gods of the world. So it's not a reach to ask whether non-believers might have doubts on their deathbeds, a time when they have to face their own mortality.

  • steve2

    Nimble Duck be brave with me will you?

    Let's survey the sleepless, tormented nights endured by believers who are troubled by doubt and struggling to suppress misgivings about doctrine and conduct of fellow believers.

    My maternal JW grandfather became withdrawn and distressed in the days before his agonizing death in the mid-1970s. He did not talk about his hurt and terror - but I knew it was there - it is always there for religiously tormented folk in the disheartened look and the weary facial lines.

    My grandfather had dedicated his entire adult life to the organization from the 1920s at vast personal cost, dying penniless and in rental accommodation whereas his 7 siblings - all non-JWs - had all done well and prospered, leaving positive legacies for their children and grandchildren.

    It didn't help that the local congregation he had helped establish in the 1930s virtually discarded him when he became old and infirm - there was no longer any practical use for him.

    Don't talk to me about athiests having second thoughts when the world is crammed full of poor, exploited religious folk who have been left bereft and dejected by their lifetimes dedicated to their "loving God".

    It is overwhelmingly sad - and unlike your sanctimoniously taunting OP, I do not mock or make fun of this all too common end-of-life predicament of untold numbers of religious folk.

  • waton

    On my death bed, and I am one of the oldest poster boys here, I will be content to have carried the " flame of life" i.e. genetic accumulated message well, reproduced along, perhaps introduced some longevity, late reproduction wrinkles. without me, my children, grandchildren would not flourish, but they dont need me, perhaps my money? , but that is like the deist creator, we do not need him any more, as long he lets us use what he left, useful in his absent [mindedness]. .

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I think we all need to be very supportive and compassionate toward Nimble Duck as he endures a very serious and debilitating bout of cognitive dissonance acquired from browsing cofty's series of articles detailing the evidence for evolution. We understand how you feel Nimble Duck and we're all here for you.

  • punkofnice

    Hello ducky darling. I don't frequent this emporium much these days. I've made my peace with myself and left most things 'jobo' behind.

    Your thread has tickled me though. It's interesting to read all the replies.

    Just one question. You said

    And frankly evolutionists and atheists do not have the answers.

    Can you be specific for your Unky Punky and tell me who does have the answers? Or are you still looking?

    On a side note, I don't think any of us have the remedy to death. Let alone any answers.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    And frankly evolutionists and atheists do not have the answers - they don't claim to.

    Religion boldly claims to have the answers to questions like "what happens after death?" but there's no evidence or no way of testing this.

    The only answer evolutionists have is the answer to the origin of species.

    Atheist means 'without God', so atheists don't make any airy-fairy claims, either.

    And not all evolutionists are atheists.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I think it would be the religionists that would be on their deathbed quaking in fear that they forgot to do something for their god and as a result will end up in hell. Think about all the small mistakes you've ever made or even bigger ones you haven't confessed yet or all the conflicting instructions in the Bible, Koran or their predecessors. Get to heaven and find out you got the wrong religion or Jesus was a fraud all along and you should've been sacrificing goats every week.

    These questions reflect exactly that fear - fear of the unknown, fear of eternal punishment in hell or eternal boredom in heaven (all the things you're not allowed to do because of your god - sex, food, drink, none of that happens in heaven) and it's funny that Christians think everyone must have those fears even if someone doesn't believe it simply because their own deathbed fears are so strong.

    At least an atheist gets to be in peace knowing that all their worries and pain will soon be over, for most Christians, death is just the beginning of their torment, whether in heaven or in hell.

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