Evolutionist on their deathbed.

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  • steve2

    Confidence about what goes on in people's minds is a rare delusion seldom troubled by reason or evidence.

    Paired with the adolescent ability to taunt, the deluded individual flings allegations in all directions, trusting some will stick and he shouts with glee when he thinks a strike has hit home.

    Clearly this is not communication designed to persuade or infom; its chief purpose is to goad for there is nothing left to say.

    When insult passes itself off as reasoned commentary you just know the poster hasn't quite hit rock bottom.

    Anti-squirm, anti-squirm.

  • deegee


    We understand how scary it is for you to confront & come to terms with your mortality..........it is the curse if consciousness so I know that it must be you who is squirming, squirming, squirming.

    Get over your self-importance ND & confront your mortality.

  • Finkelstein
    I've read all the post so far and what I see are people feeling uncomfortable, squirming.

    Your being disingenuous to appeal to your own closed minded bias.

    I'm not squiring I'm just appalled at your apathetic cruelty.

    I would also take a guess you've never known any atheists personally.

    Atheists are usually more concerned for what humans living are enduring and the possibilities of improving the human experience, that's why most atheists are also humanists.


    I would really like to read the thoughts of an evolutionist as they lie on their deathbed..........Their "honest to noGod" thoughts.

    Squirm squirm....ND

    Your thread fails miserably.

    You presuppose, all evolutionists are atheists.

    You presuppose, what all those evolutionists who are all atheists, are thinking.


    "You Need An Education, Boy!"
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    Image result for You need an education

  • shepherdless

    Most Christians accept the theory of evolution, and consider the book of Genesis as metaphorical, not literal history.

    If you stick around Nimble Duck, you might learn a few things here. But please don't troll; it makes Jehovah sad.

  • LV101

    Good eye - Outlaw. I never noticed the lion and beachball in the pictures. Unreal.

    Fink - appreciate your comment re/atheists=humanists - many good ones on this topic.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Imagine being on your death bed after having been told for the past seventy years that you are one of the 'great crowd' with all the expectations that went along with that, but by now, every promise that you were made and have passed on to your children, relatives, friends and converts, (and you have abused some of them for not listening), has gone unfulfilled by Jehovah, the God that is supposed to have kept his word and made it all happen.

    If there is a Hell, JWs should be made to greet their converts at the gates.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    What is your motive/objective? - deegee

    This duck's motive is simply that it is impotent with regards to offering a constructive critique of opposing views and that it is trying to defend the indefensible. Expect more projection and name calling soon...

  • Hairtrigger

    Now fimble suck he was smart

    He thought like chain lightening

    and had a mind like a dart

    His I.Q quite frightening

    He once posed a question

    Had atheists all stumped

    Their minds all aflutter

    And hearts totally slumped

    For the q was great

    Full of pith and moment that rate

    Among the top qs asked

    from when time began till date

    He was educated and had

    A pitch perfect degree

    'N GPA of 6, from Hobo U'versity!

    He'd discovered there was a god

    And invented a heaven to boot

    So when yu cash in your chips

    Yu hasten there toot!toot!

    JW land, now, was totally agog

    At this genius in their midst

    The space traveller Pillius Pogg

    Imediately they petitioned

    Warwicks seven clowns sans a fee

    To award Dimball duck

    An effing PH.d.

    Now Doc.duck with his question

    Comes to this forum cock sure

    He gonna stump all the atheists

    And make believers of all here.

    And further to boot

    he jibes as he taunts

    "Squirm squirm all yu atheists

    Yu got no answer to flaunt!"

    Now McDuck yu dumb ass

    Yu total McF**k

    Your question's as asanine

    As your logic's unstuck

    Now warwick may consider yu

    A rocket scientist of renown

    Since yu've travelled to hobotown

    And returned safe and sound

    But here you've trampled

    On new horizons obscure

    That your slick IQ of six

    Will never comprehend for sure

    So leave atheism to the atheists

    And take that intelligence aged three

    To a kingdom hall near yu

    And spout your theory for free!

    For believe me the JW's

    Will lap up your spiel

    And consider yu annointed

    And crown yu Jah's zeal

    Might even annoint yu

    As Jesus their king

    And shower yu with money

    Ah the sound of " Cha Ching!!"

    But for fcuk sake get lost

    And take your fantasy with you

    The Jw's will lap it up

    I ain't shittin yu!

  • cofty

    Nimble Duck your thread title makes no sense. The vast majority of christians accept the fact of evolution.

    It is only Muslims, christian cults and fundamentalists who reject the evidence. In every case they are driven by ideology rather than evidence.

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