Bringing reproach on Jehovah's name.

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  • jp1692

    The ironic thing is that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society uses the “reproach on Jehovah” thing to actually protect themselves.

    How often do they use the expression, “Jehovah and his organization” effectively conflating the two ideas into one? They do this constantly. Their idea of course is to make their followers believe that anything they do that is wrong will be viewed negatively by God when in fact all they really want to do is get people to be obedient to the organization—which for all practical purposes is themselves, the governing body

    So when they act the way they do with their “Two Witness Rule” protecting pedophiles, they are really just bringing reproach upon themselves. It’s pretty fucking stupid actually.

  • Finkelstein

    Good point jp1692 what you've showed also is that this archaically old law with all its faults and impracticality makes Jehovah look stupid as the WTS emulates it as they do but all we know it wasn't him (god) that made up this judicial law, it was the ancient Hebrews.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Totally, jp... "Jehovah & his organization" repeat, repeat, repeat.... it is now a part of their automatic brain process, and it has now become a part of "the holy scriptures", right?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    For the many years in service you've done, you have probably run into almost every religious group. They, more than likely, were taught by their parents to accept the religion as truth. How many of those say the same things you are now saying? How many did you convince to leave their religion? I'm sure you found many to be nice and you wished they would accept "the truth" that you had. But if you talked with them a few times, you would find that they couldn't see "the truth" about their religion.

    Each person has a reason why they won't leave their "truth". What is yours? Fear that god will kill you? There may be nothing after death? Only you know.

    As regards the child abuse the WT hides - remember that the Catholic Church hid this also. They didn't clean up from the inside out, it took others on the outside to do it. And when it came to light, did all of the members of this church leave because really, how could God approve of such heartless deception? No, they stuck with it and made excuses. I think that when this abuse is revealed in the WT, many will still stay and find excuses for them. After all, didn't the GB just admit they are human and makes mistakes? Thousands of the same "mistake" result in thousands of children suffering. Is that really a mistake?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Scotty, I think you have fallen into a trap, JWs are normally decent people but their religion is not truthful at all, it is a dire cult. To “get it” you must make this distinction.

    Take note that nothing the JW Org says is evidence based. Because of this they never get anything right.

    Their “new light” doctrines have to change because they cannot remain viable over time, for example “the generation of 1914” which was to see the end of the system of things -- it fell flat on its face like all the rest of their predictions.

    Ok if you were the creator of life would you design it so that the food your creatures were to eat was to eat each other?

    If you are sentimental about David Attenborough’s awesome portrayals of life, (previous post) consider the female Sand tiger shark. Her dozen or so offspring, whilst still in the womb, devour each other until only one is left; the victorious cannibal to be born and swim out into a godless ocean.

    Now if you had the power to create the universe and Sand tiger sharks, would you be the slightest bit worried about being reproached by insignificant ant-like earthlings? (It is so obvious that the Bible is written from a distinctly human perspective!) No of course you wouldn’t so why not start thinking clearly and only believe things which have evidence for them?

    Allow me please to start you off; the JW org never uses sceptical argument which is a necessary ingredient to determine fact from fiction.

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