Bringing reproach on Jehovah's name.

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  • ScottyRex

    I have thought long and hard about this, you know in those midnight hours.

    You will probably string me alive in what I say, but here you go-

    I feel that the JW's do have the truth. I really do. I do agree with the doctrines and Biblical exgenesis they propound.I do feel that they have the 'Truth' I do understand they are imperfect, and I think they have had to 'refine' their teachings as time has gone on-and change accordingly- I see nothing wrong with this. The light gets brighter and all that.

    I did see a BBC article today though about child abuse and the 2 witness rule. I find this very difficult to defend, and I think the WTBTS has got this so wrong.They need to change.

    Bringing reproach on Jehovah's name is very serious.I would implore again that they re-think.

    This is difficult to defend at work when others know of my beliefs.

    More importantly, no child should suffer. That is the main.

  • cofty
    I feel that the JW's do have the truth. I really do

    The entire WT theology rests on the foundation of a literal Adam and Eve 6000 years ago. This is scientifically impossible. To believe this requires a degree of wilful ignorance that is indefensible.

    Therefore the entire WT theology is based on a lie.

    The bible is not inspired of god. It contains errors and significant contradictions. It advocates a morality that is thoroughly disgusting. Jehovah commanded genocide, mass child murder, kidnap, slavery and rape. Worshipping this moral monster is beneath your dignity.

    The greatest wish of every JW that 99.9% of the men, women and children on the planet should be destroyed immediately so that they can live in a Disneyesque utopia. That is psychopathic and dehumanising.

    Please don't expect any congratulations for noticing that they also knowingly expose children to attack by pedophiles.

    This is difficult to defend at work when others know of my beliefs

    Why would you even think about defending it?

  • cofty

    I just reread that. I was harsh.

    Not sure there is anything I actually want to retract though. Sorry - tough love.

  • jookbeard

    I've brought reproach on gods name, please save me!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Please tell us what "Truth", just name one ...they are the most lying sack of sh--t religion I have ever known..

  • Finkelstein

    The JWS religion is a seductive cult of corruption centered around its operating publishing house. Most of its core doctrines are false separate from its irresponsible behavior concerning child sexual abuse.

    There are a lot of reproachable active things about this organization in the eyes of god as it were, being commercialized false prophets or selling a tainted Gospel being probably the most irreproachable. $$$

  • stillin

    Scotty, I appreciate your sincerity, however misplaced it may be. People in other religions feel the same way about their beliefs and how they represent their God while in this life.

    To me the bottom line is that there are things that we simply don't know. Convincing ourselves that we are special somehow is universal to human individuality, because each of us ARE special and unique. But to sign on, all in, with one religion out of them all may be reckless and self-defeating on our road to understanding.

    The symptoms are there for you to make your diagnosis, Scotty. The pedophile thing is a red flag.

    My best to you.

  • steve2

    Scotty, you are so young and naïve - excellent qualities in romance but fatal in religious affairs.

    You say we'll probably string you alive for saying, "I feel the JWs do have the truth". No we won't string you alive; we'll leave that kind of harsh cutting off action to JWs who are most at home dishing out the FOG (=Fear, Obligation and Guilt).

  • moreconfusedthanever

    You may well have thought long about it but what research have done?

    One of the reasons I no longer believe them is the fact that they say they are the faithful and discreet slave and were chosen in 1919. How?

    Now read what the chosen ones put out as truth back then in the finished mystery book and compare it to what they say is truth now.

    God detests lies. Why would he approve a group who do not have any information right? If God inspired or directed them surely he could have given them the correct information from the beginning.

    There are so many more indicators of them not having the truth and their handling of the child abuse cases cannot be defended.

  • Splash
    ScottyRex I feel that the JW's do have the truth. I really do.

    Hi Scotty, instead of feeling, why not look at the facts?

    WT have been wrong so many times they have worse predictions than a fair ground fortune teller.

    And what about this New Light? Is it really new light from God when they change a teaching, then change it back again? You say it's the truth, but don't you realise that it has changed countless times and will continue to change? What you call "The Truth" today is not the same as the truth yesterday and not the same as the truth tomorrow. It ping pongs back and forth more than a Chinese table tennis competition. How can you trust life decisions to something so wishy washy?

    Don't believe it's as bad as I say, read this.

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