Is this a sign then, should I lol?

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  • Alostpuppydog

    So the elder (who was my teacher) has informed the rest of the congregation and has now revolked my Enterance into their or any Hall. And so now they are looking into getting a restraining order and have called New York and that's what they have decided to do. Just because I was made to feel so depressed and hated that I was thinking of suicide. And I guess they took it as me making a threat against them? So anyone got any advice on this? By the way I thank you for this communities' advice on the last thing I posted. So now this is my third post!

  • User99
    Sorry to hear. But I thought Jesus offered the depressed souls to "Come to me."
  • Alostpuppydog

    And my Dad says he can no longer be around me because I told him one of the witnesses fruits, seems to me at least, is hating outsiders. When even a different elder expressed last week when I was at his house with others that he likes it when people turn him down at the door, of course himself being a millionaire and not having to deal with normal things us poor people deal with. And so it looks like I will be facing homelessness by January because my Dad, who is not a witness, refuses to speak to me. And the witnesses want to put me in prison for terroristic threats because I told my Dad yesterday I feel like I have two options: Never going to another meeting again or shooting up the whole congregation because I was doing just fine before I began studying and now I am all depressed and left feeling suicidal whenever I have anything to do with the organization.

  • Worldling9

    That is a terroristic threat and you have more options than that. If you feel suicidal, calling a suicide hotline and getting some help would be a much better option. Please get some help...the JWs don't know how to help you.

  • notalone

    I know your heart is breaking and you feel there is nothing left but something extreme.Take a deep breath. This is a beautiful day and you have been shown a deep truth about those around you. Accept it as the gift it is.You now can make choices you mat not have been able to make before. If the deep dark feelings become all consuming go to a hospital. Tell them your thoughts. This may sound scary, but it will help to get support and a perspective that those now around you aren't giving you. They could also get you in touch with social services that my help.As for not being allowed back to the hall, the same threat was given to our family. We were shocked but looking back it removed any temptation to go back. As to the restraining order-YEAH!!! That means you don't have to worry about ones stopping by with guilt trips and threats. Get a Lawyer! You will be given the opportunity to defend yourself before it is extended for the usual maximum of a year. If you have been hospitalized and received treatment this can be used as a good defense..They only last usually a year. after that there would have to be brought forward reasons why the threat is believed to be continuing. The point is this day has it's own beauty, try and see it. Think don't react and rely on professionals and their advice. In five years you will look back on this as your story that brought you to real truth.You have our love.

  • steve2

    Hi there. Just trying to better understand your OP because for anyone to take out a restraining order would be a very serious step. In fact, it would highly unlikely to successfully get a restraining order against someone unless the individual has or currently is in some way behaving in a threatening way towards others.

    You tell us what the elders have done but you have not specified exactly what they have informed you that you have done that has led them to 'look into getting a restraining order preventing you from going into any kingdom hall.

    Have you directly or indirectly made threats that could involve significant upset and/or harm to others?

    From a legal perspective, it would not be sufficient grounds to get a restraining order because you were 'made to feel so depressed and hated that [you were] thinking of suicide'.

    Am I right in thinking that some necessary details about what you've done or threatened to do in a kingdom hall are missing from your OP?

  • Alostpuppydog

    Well I am not feeling suicidal now knowing that I am not going to be going to the hall, clearly lol. But I was just saying that was how they were making me feel because they want you to isolate away from anyone but them, and they don't even have the time nor does it seem the want to help people like me. So I been thinking it would be better if I just moved on because while I don't have a problem with most of their beliefs, I do with their people. And they want to say it's Satan that makes me feel suicidal when I study with them, but then they just have you isolate yourself and become more depressed.

    i have already met with a therapist and am going to a support group tomorrow, of which they are so against, I wonder why, and will not even be thinking of them because I wasn't suicidal when I wasn't attending the hall.

  • Alostpuppydog

    I didn't make any threats against them or in a Kingdom Hall. All I said to my Dad who isn't even a JW that they are making me feel suicidal to the point that I feel like shooting them because they are making me feel soooo upset or I just leave and never go back. And I have been hospitalized before but I am feeling fine now already knowing that the burden of their people won't be coming to me any time soon. And as for informing me, they have sent me no texts or anything, other than having had told my Dad that's what NEW YORK HQ told them to do to me.

  • Diogenesister

    I'm more concerned about your relationship with your Dad for now, lostpuppy. Please, do me a favour, don't worry about the witnesses for now. Just put them out of your mind. Focus on your therapy, getting better, and building up a good relationship with your dad for now. It seems your dad has always stood by you, when others have not, so please be as kind and understanding as possible with him. Support each other as best you can. Please. We only have each other such a short time on this earth. Be the best son you can be. When you are better and your relationship with your dad is really good perhaps then....sometime in the future, you will be ready to address your spiritual needs. Not before. I wish you all the best, do take care.

  • Alostpuppydog

    Also, I haven't said anything like this to any of the Witnesses or even tried to talk to any of them since I just went to the hospital to get evaluated and they set me up with a therapist and a support group and again, not having anything to do with the JW's, I am already feeling Farr better

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