Is this a sign then, should I lol?

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    So the elder (who was my teacher) has informed the rest of the congregation and has now revolked my Enterance into their or any Hall. And so now they are looking into getting a restraining order and have called New York and that's what they have decided to do. Just because I was made to feel so depressed and hated that I was thinking of suicide. And I guess they took it as me making a threat against them? So anyone got any advice on this? By the way I thank you for this communities' advice on the last thing I posted. So now this is my third post!

    Take care of yourself, take your meds, get counseling, leave the JWs alone while you take care of yourself. As angry as you may feel, and as unfair as it may sound, maybe the message is that you may need to concentrate in your treatment and getting help.

    You may not be a threat to them, but you may just want to make sure that you take care of things like suicidal thoughts. The people in the congregation have no training or maybe not even knowledge on how to help you. Get the help you need first, then try again after.

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