Is this a sign then, should I lol?

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  • steve2

    I didn't make any threats against them or in a Kingdom Hall. All I said to my Dad who isn't even a JW that they are making me feel suicidal to the point that I feel like shooting them because they are making me feel soooo upset or I just leave and never go back.

    Thank you for finally telling us what issue concerned the elders. Why didn't you tell us this in your OP? Because you knew we would be fully understanding of the elders decision to consider taking out a restraining order.

    I work in mental health and I will be perfectly frank with you: To blame depression and suicidality on making threats towards others is no excuse whatsoever. You made it seem like the elders treated you badly when you disclosed feeling depressed and suicidal - NOW you tell us that you told a third party that you felt like shooting the Witnesses. I am pleased your father (a nonJW) informed them of your threat.

    It is good you are seeing a therapist. I hope your therapist doesn't beat around the bush and makes it clear that making threats to harm others is completely unacceptable and that you should stop blaming mental health issues for doing so.

  • Finkelstein

    And I guess they took it as me making a threat against them ?

    Your not seeing things correctly , to JWS your being perceived as a threat to the portraying image of "The" organization, in other words your tainting the "Image" of the organization.

    I'm sorry to hear of what we've gone through in your life growing up, the religion of which your father delved into is a highly pretentious cult and they socially operate quite differently than other Christian based faiths.

    In the JW religious cult your behavior is constantly being scrutinized to the established rigid profile of what the GB leaders have established, this included appearance, how much time and effort your participating in service, talks etc. and you are constantly evaluated upon that premise. You as an individual are representative for the entire organization and you have to strictly abide to those controlling directives.

    This religion like so many others are not particularly supportive to outside mental health institutions or active professional participation, you will never see a practicing doctor of psychology as a JWS.

    They are not pro education as you might know, they deem the organization and the availability of attaining spirituality through bible reading and interpretation to cure and help out with people's problems and troubles.

    This also is where the perceived power that these men are absorbed in.

    All of this information has to be realized with yourself when your dealing with JWS, including your father since he's one himself.

    How about taking positive assertive steps to self help yourself toward a healthy and happy living existence ?

    You obviously have access to the inter net, so you have the ability to research out self help programs and information, be devoted to yourself in all assets.

    Take care ...... Fink

  • Finkelstein

    After further reading concerning this threat issue , it might be understandable to why your father did what he did.

    When you make those kinds of threats toward people it only incites people to take a cautious and aware stance.

    In other words Think before you Speak

    Its difficult to evaluate someone's mental state or situation correctly over a few words.

    Alostpuppydog clam down and chill out, let time pass and regain some composure.

  • Crazyguy

    So what the hell is wrong with your dad if he's not even a JW?

  • steve2

    Have posters actually read Alostpuppydog's answer to my questions?

    He actually made a threat to his non-JW father 'to shoot them' and the elders heard about it. Grounds for advising him they are looking at a restraining order? Yes!

    Who here would not consider doing the same if they hear a verbal threat to kill them has been made against them by a person known to them?

  • Giordano

    This was on the first page!

    And so it looks like I will be facing homelessness by January because my Dad, who is not a witness, refuses to speak to me. And the witnesses want to put me in prison for terroristic threats because I told my Dad yesterday I feel like I have two options: Never going to another meeting again or shooting up the whole congregation..........

    Lost Puppy this is the second time you have brought this gun into the discussion the first was a reference to thinking about suicide and having your finger on the trigger.

    Get rid of the gun......... take it apart and throw the piece's away, destroy it.

  • Alostpuppydog

    I don't have access to a gun btw now. And no I am not going to or intended to actually, just out for the severity of how I was feeling I felt I had to say something for help. But yea I will never go to another Kingdom Hall as long as I live because they have only increased my problems to the point I feel like I can't live. And who would want that? This just goes to show me once and for all I am better off without them worshipping Yahweh by myself without a religion and seeking professional help. Sad to say it but I think I have to for my sanity. And I am calm, I am at work...

  • dogon

    I think your on your way to healing just by not being around them. They are assholes. Find people who support you for being you not what you have to conform to to fit in.

  • Incognito
    ... just out for the severity of how I was feeling I felt I had to say something for help.

    How about simply asking for - Help?

    The threat you offered, needs to be taken seriously. No one can predict what you will or won't do. The only method that might give some indication, is what you have said. You're lucky that matters did not escalate so that you are being dealt with by a SWAT team.

    Whether or not you consider your father to be a JW, it appears he may feel some allegiance to the congregation and the elders do communicate with him. You yourself said: "And as for informing me, they have sent me no texts or anything, other than having had told my Dad that's what NEW YORK HQ told them to do to me." If your father was a stranger to them, they would not be communicating to him what NY HQ had said.

  • Crazyguy

    Hang in there buddy, just stay away from JWs and in time it will get better, you'll feel better too!

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