ever feel violent rage toward BORG?

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  • onacruse

    DWiltshire No soap-boxing here, just my honest and (somewhat out-of-character) strongly expressed opinion. Ravyn asked for us to be honest, and I was.

    I'm equally revolted by the OT histories of God sending out His chosen nation to indiscriminately slaughter tens of thousands of men, women, and children (simply because they were Canaanites)...histories that I once accepted as "that's how God works." What an insensitive and de-humanized jerk I was to believe such crap! So now, having escaped such lunacy, why in the world would I willingly turn around and subscribe to that same attitude against JWs?

    No, I stick by what I said...to speak of destroying people simply because they're JWs is nothing less than pathological, and needs to be owned up to for what it is.

    Keying off of what Scully says:

    Let's talk about some positive things that have been the outcomes of our anger toward the WTS.

    I'm still working through a lot of that. Early on, I had a seething hatred against the org. Then, as I experienced a tremendous healing over this last year, I simmered down and focused on developing a new network of friends. Over the last couple of months, I've learned much more about how pernicious the WTS is, and I feel some of that anger welling up again. I'm directing that anger-energy into doing what I can to help people here, and into other projects off-line. For me, that's a positive excorcism of my anger.


  • badolputtytat

    Yes Ravyn.... I feel ya. And this post has stirred some hefty emotions. One one hand:

    They are children

    on the other : If those children remain in the borg and cannot be gotten out.... they become ACTIVE BORG. JUST as DANGEROUS as those who have spawned them. They will only perpetuate this.

    am I the only one who sometime feels like every JW is just a waste of precious natural resources? (Incidentally I fell like this about alot of people not just JWs, but JWs are the topic here aren't they?) come on I dare you! be honest

    I am not sure my "honest" thoughts are even legal to say out loud. BUT ... the actions that I am taking involve infiltrating it, and destroying it from a different angle. The "hate" that you mention, does drive me... but I am just not a violent person. There are OTHER ways. I don' t think if it came right down to it, I could cause another person to physically suffer pain.... or sickness. But Damage the "brains" of this out-fit.... Definitely!

    I do agree with Scully in a way... the absolute GREATEST REVENGE you can have on THEM... is TO SUCCEED. TO BE WHAT YOU ARE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE! TO BE HAPPY! AND LIVE WITHOUT FEAR!

  • gumby
    I'm equally revolted by the OT histories of God sending out His chosen nation to indiscriminately slaughter tens of thousands of men, women, and children...histories that I once accepted as "that's how God works."

    Aren't you mad at a god who could be that way.......or "revolted"? If I could tell off a god who did those things or shoot him I would.

    Would I shoot a witness.......never? Do I hate witnesses? No.

    I hate the bastards behind their pitiful thinking. If I were an legal executioner.....I'm not so sure I would have any trouble putting them out of their rotten miserable lives. They are willful lying bastards who destroy people and need exterminated. They need exterminated and not die a natural death and hopefully that exterminator can tell them what rotten bastards they are before he pulled the trigger(s).

    Is that mad enough for ya?


  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Ever feel violent rage toward BORG?

    Answer: The storm is brewing & almost ready!

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    daily !!!!!!

  • wednesday

    A feeling is a feeling, nothing more. Anger , rage , hate, are just feeliings.Does it help to say "u can't

    feel that way?" no it does not. Acknowledge it and get to the source of your anger.

    A person has a right to have a feelings. Deal with your feeling, don't shove them down even deeper.

    Just b/c u feel anger, does not make u charles manson.Totally agree that a constructive outlet for your anger, like the silentlambs, is the way to go.

    I personally hope the WTS elites/and all that show no mercy/ rot in hell. If there is a Big A , i hope God gets them first.

    We all know the old saying, "the best revenge is living well".


  • Brummie

    To be honest I have never felt rage to this extent. After getting through the emotional turmoil of it not being "the truth" I was more "mind numbed" than explosive.

    The only time I felt real angry towards the GB was when my gran died and I had been forbidden the rights to see her in her illness and then told I could not get in the family funeral cars. Even then the rage lasted only 1 hour until I took a walk through the peaceful cemetary and it changed my mindset. I could never hate JWs, its just not in me to do it, infact I feel a tremendous kinship to them. I have a superficial anger that occasionally surfaces on reflection but nothing major anymore, even then the superficial anger is reflected at the situation rather than the people.

    Thing is Ravyn, after hearing your story through various posts made here, I can totally understand your outrage, you have every right to express yourself the way you are doing. When someone inflicts torment on a person the way they did to you it would be unreasonable to expect you to let it all blow over. Your reaction is in response to their reactions. They are the guilty class. I admire you for being able to keep your anger at their cruelty contained in verbal expression. Some would have physically acted out that rage.


  • onacruse

    I obviously have very strong feelings about this subject, and perhaps it will help if I clarify a few of my thoughts, based on the last few posts;

    1) I clearly distinguish between the organization as such, and the people that are part of it. As a lifeless collection of doctrines and policies, the WTSociety could be obliterated tomorrow and I'd feel not the slightest twinge of remorse. I would be concerned about all the people that were suddenly without direction in their life, and would do everything in my power to help them (as, I'm sure, would you all).

    2) If the laws of our country were changed to allow prosecution and execution of those found, by fair trial and clear evidence, to be guilty of knowingly and willfully producing and enforcing such anti-social policies, then I'd be all for it! There are times, imo, when society has every right to resort to capital punishment to protect its citizens from such sociopathic people.

    3) No emotion is in and of itself wrong! Anger, hatred, frothing-at-the-mouth fury...those are all perfectly valid feelings. But to publicly express those feelings as threats of "If I had a gun (or a vial of anthrax), I'd kill you where you stand" or "I wish every one of you (fill in the blank) were mass-exterminated" goes beyond the emotion, and crosses over into pathology. This is acknowledged by psychologists, and enforced by the laws of many countries.


    edit to add: brumm's post crossed with mine, and so I'd like to add--

    Ravyn, I absolutely mean nothing personal against you in what I say here, nor do I feel judgmental of anyone who's gone through the torment you've suffered. I trust that everyone here knows that.

  • Brummie

    Oops Craig, I never read any of the responses, I was using the first post as my diving board.

    BTW you make some very good balanced points.


  • Euphemism

    Ravyn, I think it's healthy to express your feelings the way you do. With all due respect to Craig, I wouldn't call it pathological.

    At the same time, I also hope that as you continue to heal, you may no longer feel that way. But you can't try to force your feelings to change before they're ready. And if they never change, that's just something you have to live with... and certainly not something I would dare judge you for.

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