ever feel violent rage toward BORG?

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  • wednesday

    It is perfectly normal to have anger. Maqny of us are angry at the Borg. We all have fantasies. Some fantasies about the WTS are violent, and include a revenge factor. Some of us want them to suffer as we did. We don''t act on our fantasies. People seldom do. But the pink mummy and sword was lol funny.

    Women sometimes have fantasies about rape. That does not means they really want to be raped, they just want someone to make the decision about sex for them.

  • Litebriterstill

    Huggs to Blondie as if that would do it for you. Yes, genes can mean little in many cases. I love your feedback always Francois. "Special places in HELL" would be nice. Even that is taken away when one stops believing in God.

    I still feel rage inside that the wrongs done to my family and I will never get paid back or persons made to answer for. Where is HELL when you need it? "Wait on Ja and Ja hates a divorcing" caused me to stay with a Bi Polar disordered abusive husband for 26yrs.. We had a same disordered son now 22. Meds haven't worked well for either one. They both hated "The Truth" and quit before my daughter and I did. The unkind stories I will be sharing in some of the chapters of a book I am writing on growing up in a disfunctional family of 10 and where it leads ones. (not the title or who would read such sadness as entertainment).

    Melencholy Me

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hey ravyn,

    As I wrote in a previous thread. I too, was at one time so angry, angry, angry.. and then bitter, bitter, bitter.

    But, as I said, it almost consumed me and was destroying any relationship that I had with ones I still loved who weren't J.W.s

    Fantasy's of killing them all JW's...is okay I suppose. Beating up your pillow is pretty good, and watching Rambo was good, and Terminator.. it helped the person inside of me use them as a catalyst to feel like I could be like terminator or rambo.

    Now.. after all that.. and now that the bitterness is gone... I carry a 10 cent piece in my pocket, sometimes.

    What that is for me is....the 10 cents represents all the emotional feelings I can have in one day.

    That 10 cents includes all my anger feelings, all my happy feelings, my sad feelings.and any other feelings. ( I read about this in a book)

    Now I make a choice and decide..Do I want to spend all my 10 cents on Anger today and then have none left for happiness until tomorrow. Well, not as often as I used to.

    However, some times there are things I deem as justified, sooo...I spend all my 10 cents on anger because it deserved it.

    I hope in my heart that on some of these days, your experiencing lately, that you can save just a little bit of your 10 cents for some happy feelings for you.

    Either that or I'll just have to send you one of my Freekin' big Canadian Toonies (worth 2 bucks Canadian) ..so that you have some emotional moneyleft over.


    Special K

  • Gadget
    They become more or less angry all the time. Any seeming normal behavior is forced, and the next explosion is uneasily waiting just below the surface, like a well-camouflaged land mine, waiting for someone to trip the trigger.

    This is pretty much how I'm feeling at the minute. Its not so much the organisation as a whole for me, its a few elders I know who are on a little power trip and to hell with the consequences for other people. I just hope I don't bump into them on the street anytime soon, I don't know what I'd end up doing.

  • bittersweet

    I will admit that I have a lot of angry feelings towards the Borg. I abhor violence though ( which is why I can't watch horror films without feeling sick to my stomach ), so I wish it upon no one. When I was a witness, I had problems with a god who would wipe out innocent children who new no better. How could a loving god be so mean? I feel lots of anger, but for me, it's better to be positive, otherwise I get too depressed. However, I don't think it's wrong for people to have the feelings you do. You were hurt by them, why not want to hurt them back? Perfectly logical, IMHO. As long as a person doesn't act on these feelings, there's no harm done. They are just words.

    That's just my two cents!


    Not that this post will matter. But what the heck.

    Yes, I can relate to a lesser degree, the feelings discussed by the poster of this thread.

    I used to be angry, angry, and if anyone remembers me from a few years ago on other forum; sorry, I was not the sweetie-pie people think I am today. I was a prick, plain and simple.

    I wasted more time, being angry. Angry at the WTS; Angry at the people who attended the 3 meetings a week; Angry at people on ex-JW threads; just plain angry, angry, angry, and I lost a helluva lot of precious time as a result.

    Anger is an energy.

    It is a human response, and rightly so. I won't question anyones reasons for feeling angry and even eluding to activities more harsh. Honestly, I don't think 'you' (plural) would act upon them. Thus venting here, helps.

    In retrospect, I look back at my angry years, bitterness and time lost being: ANGRY.

    I cannot recompensate myself for those precious years.

    It's a process, and I hope, for many of you, you can move past your anger and be ready to embrace those who are breaking free of the Borg., and its clutches.

    You'll catch more flies with honey. But even honey, needs time to be made and it isn't produced overnight.

    I wish you, yes, even you angry ones, steady on-going healing. It gets better with time .

  • In_between_days
    not caring if all JWs died of antrax

    You people do actually realize that this means children also, don't you, because I am wondering that perhaps you didnt read the statement correctly. If you did and support ravyn, then ravyn please accept my heartfelt apologies. You were right and I was wrong. Looks like there are some people who are just as repulsive as you are. Congratulations on compiling a thread of posters who wish death upon children.

  • onacruse


    come on I dare you! be honest!


    I've never ever, even once! thought what you've posted above. These are people you're talking about, flesh and blood men, women and children, for gawd's sake.

    In my not so humble and now more than a bit angry opinion, the thoughts you've expressed here are, in spite of your remonstrations to the contrary, nothing less than pathological.

    I find the whole concept of this thread disgusting and revolting.

    There, is that honest enough for you?


  • Scully

    It goes without saying that most, if not all, of us have good reason to be angry with the WTS, and yes, even angry with some JWs. Anger is a very powerful emotion. There is a lot of energy behind it.

    Sometimes it's fun to engage in some fantasies of setting booby-traps for the next JWs who show up at our doors, or imagine the conversations we'd really LOVE to have with elder so-and-so. But where does it get us? Are we better people for having engaged in those activities?

    Would our anger serve us better if we directed it into more positive venues? Speaking for myself, anger with the BOrg is basically what propelled me through three years of nursing school. My anger and wrath over my BOrg-related lack of education made me determined to get back what I perceived they had denied me over a decade before.

    Let's talk about some positive things that have been the outcomes of our anger toward the WTS.


    Love, Scully

  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire


    I find the whole concept of this thread disgusting and revolting. There, is that honest enough for you? Craig

    I think you can get off your soap box now.

    I think it is good therapy to talk about these feelings, and this forum should allow it for the good it will do some to be able to be honest with ourselves to such a degree.

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