How Far Up The Ladder Did You Go In JW Land?

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  • tepidpoultry

    I wasn't on the ladder at all,

    I was assigned to holding it in place for others,


  • minimus

    All Jehovah's Witnesses are in the club. When you belong to a club you're supposed to impress your fellow club members. If you don't follow the clubs rules you get kicked out

  • Hairtrigger


    No offence meant to any of you good people who now know. But Winston Churchills words come to mind with a difference. For those idiots still aspiring for positions in the cult.

    Mediocrity perched in the dizzy pinnacles of hollow heads!

    I was on par with members of the GB

    Irregular Publisher!!!

  • undercover

    MS with a few bouts (like a recurring disease) of temporary/vacationing pioneering.

    I was in line to be an elder, but I didn't want it. I couldn't explain it at the time, other than as a still believing JW, that I wasn't ready, or zealous enough (actually now, I think it was my sub-conscious telling me 'something's wrong here...RUN!). CO visits and elder/MS schools raised more questions than answered. The last elder/MS school I went to was more about rules and protocol than anything scriptural. Another little hint that things were not as they seemed.


    How Far Up The Ladder Did You Go In JW Land?

    I was too young to climb the ladder and old enough to see it was all Bullshit..

    I was told I`d make a good Elder, I told them I wasn`t interested....LOL!!

    Shortly after that..


    I Rode Off Into The Sunset...

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  • freddo

    MS then Elder with a few auxiliary pioneer months when it was 60 hours.

    PO/Coordinator whatever they call it now for about 3 years at one point. Only chosen and only agreed to do it because the other option was an alpha male wannabe that no one wanted. Secretary for about 8 years before that.

    Occasionally did appeal committees.

    Did Circuit assembly parts and occasional demos on District conventions.

    Did enjoy RBC stuff because I had no responsibility other than to use a paint brush and fill holes in plaster.

    Utter utter waste of time. (but I can whitewash a wall and fill holes with filler)

  • dogon

    I think they let me hold the mic a few times. I never had any desire. It was like saying I wanted to be captain of the local 6 person book club.

  • minimus

    lol... they let me hold the mike a few times! What a wonderful privilege!🍸🍸

  • sparky1

    Quit school and started Pioneering at 16 years old. (Long and sad story, it was 1972) Went to 'serve' in a congregation with no Elders and only 2 Ministerial Servants. The Circuit Overseer wanted to have me stay in this congregation and he checked with the Service Department to see if I could be appointed a Ministerial Servant at 17 years old. They said that under the circumstances it would be approved. He then asked if I could be appointed an Elder at 18 years old. They didn't see a problem with this but said under the circumstances the Governing Body would have to directly approve. This caused a major rift between me and my pioneer partner because neither the Circuit Overseer nor the congregation was interested in appointing him to anything. I wanted to go to Bethel so the 'position carrot' did not sway me. I moved back to my old hall and pioneered from there. When I applied for Bethel service, my cover letter from the new Circuit Overseer and from the congregation really blew up my 'ego'! The letters both stated that I would probably only stay at Bethel for 4 years and then be recommended for the 'Circuit work'. For Christ's sake, I wasn't even a Ministerial Servant yet. At any rate, I became a Bethelite and a Ministerial Servant. 1975 came and went and I had a return of my 'crisis of faith' (I never believed any of it anyway but was persuaded to put my nose to the grindstone and when 1975 came all my doubts would be answered) and had a 'nervous breakdown' while at Bethel. I went back to my home congregation and was immediately appointed a Ministerial Servant. From there I was asked to become the congregation secretary so that the next time the Circuit Overseer came around, I could be appointed an Elder. It was all too much for me and I changed congregations and refused any appointments. By 1980 I took the looooooong fade route. As I look back on my personal history, I see that I was a victim of 'pseudo-maturity' and was pressured by family and my Jehovah's Witness peers to take part in a lifestyle I really did not want.

  • minimus

    So Sparky.... were You Ever an elder?? You coulda been a real contender!

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