What Was The Nicest / Worst Thing That's Happened To You as a JW?

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  • Elsewhere

    Worst thing: Being born into the bOrg

    Best Thing: Escaping from the bOrg

  • willyloman

    This thread, especially JH's post, reminds me of that old joke:

    What are the two best days in the life of a boat owner?

    1. The day he bought his boat.

    2. The day he sold it.

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    The best thing was one day I was having a diffcult time with one of my daughters in a supermarket; she was only two and had a huge tantrum and I just crumpled...a sister from my hall told me to go home and make a cup of tea..and she arrived 1/2 an hour later with all my shopping, had paid for it and proceeded to put it away for me, asked me if there was anything else she could do; gave me a hug, and left...

    the worst was the day they called to discuss my 'problems' and I realised I was on my own and the paedophile and un issues meant NOTHING to them.


    The nicest.................met my hubby and got married.

    The worst.................my kid was sexually abused and 1 year later I was set up df'ed.

  • minimus

    See......If we think long enough, there are nice things that happened to you as a JW.

  • berylblue

    The best: The day a family sent me flowers to thank them for the interest I had taken in them when they moved into the congregation.

    The worst: Too many to name. Really.

  • minimus

    Getting flowers was the best thing, huh? No wonder you don't want to talk about the bad.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    I have been wracking my memories for the "best thing" and I honestly can't think of a thing. I experienced no random kindness that was especially for me, or my family. No memories of "just feeling the happiest ever" at any JW function or event. The worst is an easy one. I was 15, at a district convention at the Oakland Coliseum-which was unusual becuase for many years before and ever since that summer, the district conventions in the Bay Area have been at the Cow Palace. I was wearing a sundress, that left a modest amount of my shoulders and the top of my back exposed. In the final crush to exit the torturous environment on Sunday afternoon, this old lady whom I didn't know lost her balance and put her hand on my shoulder. Nothing wrong with that, I'm happy to keep the moth ball mavens from falling on me, crushing me, and soiling my sundress. However, she exclaimed how soft my skin was, so that everyone behind me noticed. Then she started stroking my back, and so did everyone within reach. It was probably only four or five people but to me it seemed like the hands of hundreds were reaching out and trying to grab me. I totally freaked out and I vaguely remember someone grabbing my arms before I punched the woman that started it in the face. The woman was mortified with herself when she realized what she had done, but that didn't help me. I experienced my first panic attack that day, and still have difficulty reamining calm in crowded environments like concerts, baseball games, and soemtimes even the pep rallies at the high school where I work. I don't remember how I got to the car, or where my mom was during all this.

  • Country_Woman

    the nicest thing that happened to me was a drawing, given to me by a little boy age 7 years.

    the worst was the funeral service for my mother in which my family was violated.

  • minimus

    a drawing..........This is the pathetic thread. Everyone's wracking their brain to come up with something "nice".

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