When The Truth - is Not -The Truth

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  • Esau

    Is 607BC Being a made up, “plug in” date the only thing that invalidates 1914 from being Christ’s time of Kingly rein?

    I mean, screw the math & BS formulas. Can 1914 simply work as a starting date for “The Last Days” simply by the events that occurred?? That’s how I always sold it.

    More importantly, does The Society’s support of “607” - with no factual support; The “Silencing of The Lambs” regarding pedophilia & the Apostate Witch Hunt for questioners & the sincerely perplexed make them as guilty & subject to The Lake of Fire as Say: The Catholic Church Preaching 12/25 as Christ’s birth & Mass; & Easter??

    What say you?...

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome Esau.

    Apart from the scriptures showing that Christ got his kingship when he returned to heaven in 33 CE, the 2520 years from 607 BCE to 1914 CE is calculated using 360 days for each year.

    Where did 2520 x 5 days go?

  • Diogenesister

    They seem to be really focusing on events indicating 1914, but the truth is it wasn't really a "world war". Billions of the world's people we're not involved whatsoever and the nomenculture is really down to European chauvinism, if you like.

  • Phizzy


  • NewYork44M

    Don't forget that before there was 607, the Wt used 606. Not only was this a plugin date, it assumed incorrectly that there was a zero year. I would like to see the research moving the date from 606 to 607.

  • truthlover123

    Neb attacked the first time 18-20 years previously to the "downfall of Jerusalem" the second time he attacked in C607 BCE. Then there was a third attack so which date do they really quote - 607!

    Check out Jeremiah 52:26-30 during the time of Neb's rule in his 7th, 18th and 23rd years of his reign- total reported by Jeremiah taken to Babylon 4,600 -- so which date do we take as truth? If 607 is not it, and the first date is, 1914 is off by about 20 years. SInce the org needed that date to get to 1914 that is the final word for them.. albeit wrong.

    607 is supposed to have been a pivotal year that all archeologists confirmed? As 70 CE was for 2nd fall of Jerusalem by the Romans.

    And yes! The org is complicit in cover up -as the elder who gave a talk last month said - all false religion have abusers in them.... I about fell off the chair- how narrow his view is.....Now there is a month of child abuse study articles coming up

  • Vidiot
    NewYok44M - "before there was 607, the WT used 606. Not only was this a plugin date, it assumed incorrectly that there was a zero year."

    To me, that just illustrates how ignorant they actually were.

  • flipper

    Rudy Giuliani must have been a JW at one time because he states " truth isn't truth " as well ! lol. I know it's abstract humor, but with your thread title I couldn't resist. Check it out :


  • sir82

    I mean, screw the math & BS formulas. Can 1914 simply work as a starting date for “The Last Days” simply

    by the events that occurred??

    No, for a myriad of reasons, but here's one that is pretty hard to argue with:

    It's now 105 years after 1914.

    Did Jesus refer to "last days" or "last centuries"?

    "Days" indicates a short period of time. In what sense (other than, say, geological) can a period spanning multiple centuries be thought of as "days"?

  • OnTheWayOut

    I posted this on this forum ten years ago:

    Here's the real simple version of the complicated doctrine of when Jesus supposedly returned and the last days arrived/ended/started.

    William Miller said that Jesus' Return would be in 1844. (See The Great Disappointment at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Disappointment ) People who believed what he said were known as "Millerites." It (Jesus' return) didn't happen. This return of Jesus was also known as his second advent, and believers came to be known as Adventists.
    Adventist Jonas Wendell suffered in his faith at the Great Disappointment, but later carried the same type of "Millerites" talk in a sermon where Wendell had picked the new date of 1873 or 1874 for Jesus' 2nd return (after studying Bible chronology and being wrong about 1868). 18 year old C. T. Russell heard Wendell in 1870 speak of such a date. Wendell had already published The Present Truth, or Meat in Due Season highlighting such dates. So Wendell invented those terms that would haunt the WT organization and morph into New Light and food at the proper time.

    Wendell died in August of 1873, probably confident that his 1873 to 1874 date was correct. When Jesus didn't appear as expected, Russell still believed it (or at least wanted to keep selling pamplets that explained it). He taught that Jesus must have returned invisibly, meaning that Jesus was ruling from Heaven starting in 1874. He taught that 40 years later, a literal application of how long a "generation" was, in 1914, Jesus would take power on the earth. That would mean an end to the Gentile Times in 1914 and an end to the last days- destruction and death and stuff.

    Because World War One (coincidentally) started in 1914, Russell used that as a sign that he was correct in his complicated doctrines. He was already good at reinventing understanding rather than admitting he was wrong.

    All the rest is just calculated backwards- the stuff about 607 BCE and the 2520 years and the Seven Times.
    All of it was just made to fit that understanding. When things didn't work out as planned (again) the people in charge just reinvented the understandings and adjusted the math to fit whatever they wanted it to fit to sell more pamphlets/magazines/books. The end of the last days became the beginning of the last days. 1874 was forgotten. They just kept changing the end-date. They even made terrible errors and just changed the math to fit- they forgot there was no "Year Zero" and changed 606 BCE to 607 BCE.
    They kept 1914 because it was so well-known to the followers and they already said "See, we were right" when World War One started. Everything about Nebuchadnezzar and the destruction/building of the temple was just made to fit the math. You can find anything if you work backwards. It's like writing a Sherlock Holmes story. Just work backwards from what a great detective would expect to find and make him look like a genius in discovering those things.

    It is so unnecessary to understand the ridiculous theories of WT's present understanding when you can see what it was based on and how it changed to suit their need to get a following and sell pamphlets/magazines/books. It saddens me that I bothered to understand it at one time.

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