When The Truth - is Not -The Truth

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  • keinlezard


    Another point of view ...

    - 607 is a date in a 365.25 days year

    but 2520 who are added to - 607 are "prophetic years" of 360 days



    Turning to chapter 12 of Revelation, we note that verses Re 12:6 and 14 show a period of 1,260 days to be “a time and times and half a time,” or 1 + 2 + 1/2 for a total of 3 1/2 times. Therefore, “a time” would be equal to 360 days, or 12 lunar months averaging 30 days each. “Seven times” would come to 2,520 days; and the Biblical prophetic reckoning of “a day for a year, a day for a year,” indicates that these actually would work out to be a period of 2,520 calendar years. (Numbers 14:34; Ezekiel 4:6) This, therefore, is the duration of the “seven times”​—the Gentile Times.

    The Watchtower says to us 1km + 1 miles = 2 km ... or 1nautical mile ( 1 852 m ) + 1 geographical mile

    ( 1 855,3m)=2 miles :(

    Just a problem of conversion ...

    Best regards

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Can 1914 simply work as a starting date for “The Last Days” simply by the events that occurred?? - no, it can't.

    There are problems all over the world but life in the West in 2019 is the best life to have in the history of humankind.

    Much progress has been made in human rights and freedoms, healthcare, the affordability of electronic gadgets, etc.

    For example: anyone remember those awful VHS tapes of the 80s? Feature films used to cost about £15 on VHS.

    The picture quality seriously deteriorated if you watched the movie a lot.

    Now we can get the same on DVD (a superior format) for as little as £3 or £4. I bought Rosemary's Baby on DVD brand spanking new for £3 - that's fantastic!

    I remember that there where Biblical end-time prophecies that said something like 'the price of bread would cost a large amount' ... well, I can get a loaf of bread for 50p at Sainsbury's.

    It's all a load of nonsense ...

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    No. Life and world conditions have improved a lot in the past 200 years, including since 1914.

    These are not the worst time ever as the Bible claims the 'last days' would be.


  • Ding

    Just a few more measurements of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh and we'll have it all figured out...

  • zeb

    If you wish to get into this 'days' thing I recommend the book "The Gentile Times Reconsidered" by Jonsson.

    It also gives a good example of what the gb do to anyone who faults the party line..

    me? I think this one day as a thousand years thing was just a way of saying god it timeless and not to be taken as a formula to plotting the years ahead. As Jesus said no man knows the hour nor the day which would indicate it is foolish to try to know it. Sheesh! Isnt there enough things to do in our lives, in our nations and in the world without this pretense of being 'fortune tellers'..?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes Zeb and the WT is pretending to be fortune tellers about a non event. There is no way that an uncommunicative invisible god is going to selectively murder all those who don't believe in him-- at any date in time.

    Why should the prophetic words of Jesus refer to a later period? Jesus made it very clear that his prophecy was to be fulfilled in his generation at Mark 9,1, He didn't say there will be a second end times sign the same as the (failed) first end times sign.

    The words of the JW organisation are worthless trash.

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