Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah

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  • zeb

    same here. I was so often annoyed by these righteous ones who would 'jehovah' us to despair.

    The same occurs in the various videos of people who have left the org and tell their story..

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    Oh yeah, we had another guy, who would include in every prayer:

    "Jehovah, we love you, we extol you, we praise you..."

    Literally, those exact words, in that exact order, every single time.

    Said with all the emotion of a bored teenager being force to read Shakespeare against his will.

    He never used the word "extol" in any other setting or context. Frankly, I doubt he even knew what it meant, I think he just picked it up somewhere.

    I hate it when brothers use the word "edified" in their prayers.

    "Jehovah our great and merciful heavenly father, what a privilege it is to be edified by you..."

    They probably can't even spell it. When I was little that word reminded me of "etouffee". Maybe I was just hungry.

    Praying while PIMO sucks. You have to say all the typical bullshit, knowing full well that it's bullshit. And nowadays people expect you to say some crap about how the "celestial chariot" is on the move, and how we need to keep up with it.

    And now here are some hot chicks so that I can get thumbed down. Pictures of hot chicks attract a lot of thumb downs for some reason:

    Oh yeah...

  • smiddy3

    What can I say ....?

    Sorry, I was distracted .getting back to the topic.

    Didn`t The first edition of the "Aid To Bible Understanding " acknowledge that Yahweh was probably the more correct pronunciation of God`s name ,and that the WT went with Jehovah because it was the most popular name in use ?

    On one hand they were telling the R&F/JW`s that Christendom was hiding the name of God away from their members and on the other hand they were saying Jehovah was the most popular name for God in use by Christendom ?

    Centuries old churches around the world have the name Jehovah engraved on them.

  • WTWizard

    There is one reason why no one has actually seen joke-hova. Anyone with half a brain would immediately hate that thing upon seeing it. No one would want to worship something so blatantly evil and ugly as joke-hova--and, if one wishes to impose global enslavement, one needs to rely on lies until they have the power to do as they please, whether or not the subjects accept it.

    Of course, the die-hard jokehovian witlesses are either too stupid to realize this, afraid of cross-referencing whether they are being lied to (indicative that joke-hova is close to being able to openly enslave the whole world), or both.

  • sparky1

    Thank you, Sour Grapes for posting this topic, Sour Grapes. It shows the idiocy, Sour Grapes, of most Jehovah's Witnesses, Sour Grapes, continually using the name of their god Jehovah, Sour Grapes and it helps many here to realize, Sour Grapes, the mind numbing practices, Sour Grapes, of the religion, Sour Grapes. And so, Sour Grapes, I look forward to more of your insightful posts, Sour Grapes and hope in the future, Sour Grapes to learn more about my former religion, Sour Grapes. So once again, Sour Grapes, I want to thank you, Sour Grapes, for all you do, Sour Grapes, in the cause of exposing the Jehovah's Witnesses for what they really are.

  • Done

    Good point earlier with how do you address your own dad.

    They like to use the example of how would you dress or act if let's say you were meeting the president or a judge. We'll, Would you walk up and say his name, Hey Donald... Or would you say MR President? Would you say 'Your Honor' or stand before the judge and call him/her by their first name?

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    Jdubs don't realize just how cultish they really are. They have their own theocraptic vocabulary. It is also like a contest of who can say Jehovah the most is one sentence. I bet that Jesus feels left out.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    A new word that entered their volcabulary a while back was the word 'entertainment'. An elder got on the platform and seeking to elicit more funds from the poor, informed us how expensive it was to go to a football match or a concert.

    Then he said, "but where else could you go to get entertainment like this?"

    Hmm. Entertainment?

  • Diogenesister

    I mean they talk about Catholic’s repeating words over and again using a rosary but they do exactly the same thing....only difference is they even pronounce the word in a universally weird way.

  • blondie

    Well, I see this topic has gone deep into the gutter. Thanks Diogenesister, for bringing it back into line so women on this DB can read it safely.

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