What did being a JW teach you?

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  • punkofnice

    These are some of the things the WBT$ 'taught' me:

    • Dishonesty is fine if it's to trick people into joining the cult.
    • If your spouse stops believeing, the best thing you can do is break up the family.
    • The laws of the governing body overrule any other laws...or else!
    • My friends are conditional.
    • Avoid loving people, they'll only let you down or get DF'd.
    • Unintelligent dumbos are better than intelligent ones if the dumbos are elders or above.
    • Hate is better than love.
    • I am not good enough and god will probably enjoy killing me.
    • Demons will appear in my room at night.
    • Ignore practicallity if being practical or loving prevents the leaders getting money or praise.
    • God hates.
    • King David was a disgusting pig but god loves that sort of idiot more than he loves you.
    • Armageddon(tm) is so close now and god will enjoy killing me.
    • The governing body are god's mouthpiece on earth except when they're just imperfect men.
    • If the WBT$ isn't the 'truth(tm)', stick around, it's the nearest thing.
    • God might not kill you if you lick the boots of the 'annointed(r)'.

    Guess I've miss loads.

  • ttdtt
    You forgot - Sex is bad. Sexual thoughts are bad. Pleasure is Bad. Loving someone is not always good. Thinking is bad. School is bad.
  • Divergent


    When something positive happens - God is blessing you. Praise God for helping you instead of a starving child in Africa!

    When nothing happens - you just need to bear with the problem patiently / your prayer is not according to God's will / you must be doing something wrong. Boo hoo...

    When shit happens - God is testing you. But not to worry, God is faithful & he would not test you beyond what you can bear (well in my case, apparently he did!)

  • OneEyedJoe

    Things the cult taught me (that I didn't recognize the truth of until I left)

    • "worldly" people are mostly kind, loving people. I learned this time and again based on how I was treated by people who I bothered on their day off, and in hindsight I believe they mostly felt sorry for me.
    • The more you think you're impervious to having been fooled, the more likely it is that you're currently being fooled.
    • People need not have malicious intent to use effective propaganda techniques in order to trick you.
    • Smart people can be fooled too - don't trust what someone says just because they're intelligent if they can't explain it in a way that's logical.
  • Phizzy

    When I first left the cult I believed that one good thing they had taught me was Public Speaking skills. I then came to realise that the Theo. School actually did not teach those skills in a meaningful way.

    All they gave me was a lack of fear of Public Speaking, I can now make a good fist of doing so, but the skills have been picked up since leaving.

    The list of negative things they tried to implant in me is as listed in the Posts above, fortunately none of those stuck.

  • ttdtt
    Phizzy2 minutes ago

    When I first left the cult I believed that one good thing they had taught me was Public Speaking skills. I then came to realise that the Theo. School actually did not teach those skills in a meaningful way.


    The school is amazingly basic - and as results prove - teaches no one anything about public speaking - outside of possibly loosing the fear.

    I became a very very good writer and speaker, and not because of what was in that School Guide book, but because of countless hrs getting training from other resources, and then lots of practice.

    Following the Guide Book will actually make you a bad speaker, as is testified by the large majority of elders who give public talks that are so bad they would not be acceptable in any other forum.

  • Finkelstein

    Answer = how people can be so gullible, naive and susceptible they can be to the coercive alluring tactics by religious propagators.

    I guess it comes down to people looking for answers to their problems and someone knocking at their door offering a plausible solution

  • Esmeralda001

    I've learnt to:

    •Not trust people

    •Be overly suspicious

    •Watch my mouth

    •Be paranoid

    •Overthink (I cannot buy a bottle of red or black nail polish without worrying about wheter or not i'm breaking some unwritten rule)

    •Be more tolerant

    •Be thick-skinned

    •Fear man

    •Appreciate my own compagny

    •Be consistant with my goals

    •Be grateful for my freedom

    •Draw close to Jehovah

    •Turn a blind eye on people's flaws

    •Be more fogiving

    •Control my attitude

    •Be more understanding

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Some good has come from being in the Borg. Fine human like qualities. Meek, mild-mannered, humane, respectful.
  • Divergent
    "Meek, mild-mannered, humane, respectful." Seriously???

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