The Congregational Make Up Research Project: WTB&TS wants to know you.

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  • joe134cd
    If this is true I hink this not only had to happen but i can see a lot of good coming because of it. I remember thinking as an uber dub why they didn't run surveys to find out problem areas. I think this shows maturity of an organisation that is now prepared (or been forced to) listen to its members. This goes for anything but I think they have to have a talk to a few disatisfied customers also. Good for you Wt to finally be acknowledging there are problems and (I say maybe) trying to do something about it. Btw if you read this I would suggest you need to spend less time worrying about showing videos to house holders and more time focused on your 18-25 year olds because that is where the problem lies.
  • sparrowdown

    Maybe they have figured their "cookie cutter" approach ain't working anymore and tailored broadcasts and articles is the way to go. Maybe Caleb and Sophia have proved so popular they have decided to expand their repetoire.

    A Witness soap opera.

    A Teens witnessing in style program.

    Brothers who reach out wrestling matches.

    The possibilities are endless, I imagine.

  • leaving_quietly

    A Witness soap opera.

    You may be onto something there. Or at least some sort of episodic program with an ongoing storyline.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Yeah the Witness Soap opera would give them all something more to gossip about, as if they don't already do lol.

  • sparrowdown

    Obviously the idea of a witless soap opera offended someone, or maybe it was brothers wrestling matches :(

  • oppostate

    The secretary didn't think that this was some covert action at all.

    For him it represented interest in the flock by HQ and the opportunity to help out on a research project for "broadcasting".


    Any Corporation that wishes to have a viable brand, must eventually deal with disenfranchised employees and consumers.

    I'm sure the Mormons hired their "worldly" consultants years ago. The WTBTS is behind the times, and the 8-Ball, as usual.


  • Divergent

    Thousands are waking up & leaving, as proven by the organization's own statistics published in the yearbook!

    IF the organization had not been so dogmatic on man-made rules & teachings which make no sense BUT instead focused on being an organization that is based on genuine love & helping those in need, then they wouldn't be in this shit which they are in now

    Poor advice to stay single, not to have children in this "old system", not to pursue higher education, not to pursue good careers & but instead seek "kingdom interests" first, etc. has resulted in millions of JW's finding themselves in situations where they are poor & broke, childless, old & lonely with no one to support them, dissatisfied & disillusioned, etc. Many have woken up & left while many of those who remain do not have the circumstances & means to give much support to the organization. The floodgates have opened & the organization is now crumbling from within!

  • LongHairGal


    So, let it crumble. It deserves to.

    I am one of those who woke up and left fifteen years ago. I feel it is a cruel and hypocritical religion with SICK policies and sadistic mentalities there. Sorry for all the Witnesses who didn't get a decent job or career and now find themselves, as you say, poor and broke.

    I never listened to the religion's bad advice and am I glad!

    Reading on this forum the religion's desperate tactics makes me truly sick and very fortunate I am not there.

  • konceptual99

    The irony is Divergent, that the difference between JW teachings and mainstream Christianity is what brought a whole bunch of converts in to the fold in the first place. If they had been teaching things that only slightly varied then people would not have bothered moving from their existing faith.

    Witness dogma defines that they don't waste time doing charitable works typical of other faiths. It means they can only go so far regarding what is acceptable morally. Being different means they have to demonise anyone that queries or challenges the dogma and shun "unrepentant" ones.

    Genuine love would mean genuine tolerance and that is one thing an organisation predicated on being different can promote.

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