The Congregational Make Up Research Project: WTB&TS wants to know you.

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  • oppostate

    We have a Bethel speaker on the English side.

    They're pretty regular up here since it's only three and a half hours drive from NYC.

    But this is a special kind of visitor.

    It turns out he's involved in doing a special research project and the Christian Congregation of JW's wants to know us better.

    In order for the broadcasting to address issues more meaningful for families, they want to know the demographic make up of the congregations.

    He spoke with the secretary about young single publishers and couples 20-35 y.o. How are they employed. Do they own a home or do they rent. They want to know how many couples have young children. How many teenagers and 18-25 y.o.'s male and female are there. Also what is the racial mix in the congregation.

    [barf]This is just another example of how "the slave" cares for the congregations. [/barf]

  • Gayle

    Why does a Bethelite need to go to a cong. for that? Can't the WT just send out a questionnaire to the cong. elders to answer that?

    Maybe the WT is trying to understand why many (66%?) of that group are leaving the WT and trying to figure out why that is happening? And trying to understand how to improve their "guilt" and other processes to improve on that stat?

    What would you say are the answers there with your particular cong.?

  • oppostate

    It wasn't clear to me if the bethelite is visiting congregations collecting info or told the secretary what his job is at Bethel.

    Our KH not far from Boston, Mass., is older, the building is in need of an update or remodel, kind of like the congregants.

    There's a large majority of older folks here--the WT is their whole life.

    There are a handful of young families with young kids. There's another handful of teenagers.

    There are no young appointed MS or elders except for the Coordinator's eldest son, in his early thirties. Otherwise most appointed brothers are older, the old CoBE had to relinquish his job because he's over 80.

  • jw07

    Why would they need to go out and manually collect that data?

    Can't they just pray to Jehovah and let him guide them since it's his 'spirit directed organization'?

    Damn dirty rotten cult!!!

  • Je.suis.oisif

    I've just finished reading this page due to being in a huge dysfunctional family. I wanted to learn how to realign boundaries to break destructive dynamics etc. Whilst I was reading thro' it dawned on me that this is how the WBT$ operates.

    I tagged it onto your post because it seems pertinent.

    They're desperate. Your OP confirms it.

  • DJS

    Actually it is an effective tool for managing. They want to assess cash flows in the future and to develop tools to stop the bleeding of the best and brightest and those exiting due to major generational shifts.

    Those tools sadly will be more machievellian control mechanisms and targeted guilt and shaming. We've seen the handwriting on the wall with the sisters shouldn't marry a brother unless he is or wants to be an MS statements and the Sophia don't say gay video you all are talking about.

    I would not expect kinder gentler Dark Lords. And yes je suis, it reeks of desperation, and that is most excellent.

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    Great comments!

    It is statistical analysis, and not holy spirit, which determines what topics will be covered in a wt study, which branches will be closed, where to hold international conventions, etc.

  • steve2

    Seems I have wrongly assumed all along that the organization already has its hands on each congregations's demographic make up via publisher records, including inactives but still attending.

    Having its hands on this info won't make the organization kinder or gentler, but more targeted.

    I agree DJS, this is a mark of desperation.

  • bohm

    This poster on reddit claims that there is a special department about bethel which specialize in gathering information about the JWs, presumably related to income:

    It sounded a bit tinfoily but what do you know, someone from bethel is doing a survey....!

    Since last September 1, I have worked in an almost clandestine department, installed in Patterson, in the area of ​​the new video studio, an office with several faithful brothers, all university graduates (a graduate in sociology at Chicago and some older brothers from the service department, with the help of several elders of the U.S. franch service desk).

    They have been conducting a study in more than 100 congregations across the United States, with fieldwork, taking advantage of special talks and Circuit Assemblies, developing profiles on:

    Family Groups and age demographics - Young couples with children under ten years - Married Couples with teenage children under 18 - Adolescents and young ones under 25 years.

    Beauty and Fashion trends of: - Young Couples - Teenagers - Young people under 25 years.

    Racial groups in U.S. English congregations Racial groups in U.S. Spanish congregations

    Economic situation of the congregation and members. - Property, vehicles, jobs.

    The idea of the Coordinating Committee, which oversees this study on sociology and trends, is to analyze the real situation in all congregations in the United States, create a profile to modify procedures to advance the new e-cult 3.0.

    It aims to soften some procedures, modify the [theocratic?] vocabulary and make some small cosmetic changes to be discussed within the Governing Body.

    When we have more news, we will give more light, you can be sure!

    The existence of this department is very confidential, they are scared to possible leaks. Traceable documents are very limited, and those who have done fieldwork know the use of all data that they have been collecting.

    The same study is being done in Mexico during 2016-2017.

    Hedmano Replicante and his girlfriend (former Bethelite) in Patterson.

  • Lieu

    He's either up to some mischief or trying to appear relevant so as not to get the boot.

    You think they are going to guilt "donation" tithes?

    They would know better most congregations' situations if they visited a few yearly and unannounced. 

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