Infiltrated Elders?

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  • Earthmeasured

    I saw in a kingdom hall in turin there was a picture on the podium. The clouds were such disposed to write Sex. It was clear to me. I spoke with an elder and he was astonished. But nothing has been done

  • john.prestor
    A wild troll appeared.
  • TheOldHippie

    Life story WT 1992.04.15 pp 26-30 from East Germany - he was later found to have been a secret police agent infiltrating the organization. Served as a co for some time.

  • Hecce

    This is up to our days a common occurrence in Cuba, people as high as CO and members of the Bethel family have eventually come out as spies; there is not much that the congregations can do to avoided.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I'm guessing that one day there'll be an experience given at an assembly about a former government agent who was commissioned to infiltrate the organization but in the process was so impressed with Jehovah's Witnesses that he resigned his government post and became a JW himself. (queue applause)

  • Dunedain

    Lol, Pete Zahut, i was thinking the same thing. The spin doctors will definitely do that.

  • Corney

    Pete Zahut,

    Another man, lacking faith in God and wholly convinced that Communism was mankind’s only hope, had no qualms about infiltrating himself into Jehovah’s organization in order to pass on information about their activities to the State Security Service [Stasi]. After being “baptized” in 1978, he lived a lie for ten years. But he now admits: “The behavior of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which I experienced firsthand, and a study of the Creation and Revelation Climax books convinced me that much of what enemies say about the Witnesses is untrue. The proofs of the existence of a Creator are overwhelming.” Shortly before the Berlin Wall fell, he was faced with a hard decision: either find an excuse to withdraw from Jehovah’s people and keep on supporting a system in which he no longer believed or admit to being a traitor and then strive to become a genuine servant of Jehovah. He chose the latter. His sincere repentance led to a Bible study and to a second baptism, this time one based on accurate knowledge and true dedication.

  • slimboyfat

    JWs have long taught that elders infiltrating the organisation is a fulfilment of bible prophecy. This from the Daniel book published in the late 1990s.

    8 Not all who professed to have an interest in serving God during the Cold War years had good motives. The angel had warned: “Many will certainly join themselves to them by means of smoothness.” (Daniel 11:34b) A considerable number showed an interest in the truth but were not willing to make a dedication to God. Yet others who seemed to accept the good news were really spies for the authorities. A report from one land reads: “Some of these unscrupulous characters were avowed Communists who had crept into the Lord’s organization, made a great display of zeal, and had even been appointed to high positions of service.”

    9 The angel continued: “And some of those having insight will be made to stumble, in order to do a refining work because of them and to do a cleansing and to do a whitening, until the time of the end; because it is yet for the time appointed.” (Daniel 11:35) The infiltrators caused some faithful ones to fall into the hands of the authorities. Jehovah allowed such things to happen for a refining and a cleansing of his people. Just as Jesus “learned obedience from the things he suffered,” so these faithful ones learned endurance from the testing of their faith. (Hebrews 5:8; James 1:2, 3; compare Malachi 3:3.) They are thus ‘refined, cleansed, and whitened.’

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