Infiltrated Elders?

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    Wow! This is pretty damning evidence towards the claims of being "spirit directed".

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    It seems to me (and I have no evidence, so thank you OrphanCrow for your post and link) that in the past there was a real paranoia about Communism here (USA). McCarthyism and all that. Since JW Leaders officially directed their followers to refuse military service and damn near anything considered "patriotic" -- voting, The Pledge, standing (respecting) the National Anthem, they were easily seen as a threat or "subversive" to the interests of the Nation. I would imagine J Edgar would have a curiosity about the "Inside" workings of the rebel group.

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    You are welcome, DoC.

    For more, this book has quite a bit about infiltration in the JW communities in the Soviet era:

    Dissent on the Margins: How Soviet Jehovah's Witnesses Defied Communism

    Starting on page 91, A Schism Among the Faithful documents much of that activity

  • OrphanCrow
    DoC: they were easily seen as a threat or "subversive" to the interests of the Nation. I would imagine J Edgar would have a curiosity about the "Inside" workings of the rebel group.

    Oh yes. The CIA has documents that attest to how they use(d?) Jehovah's Witness affiliation as a basis for background investigation:

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    Then again, certain police may have already been susceptible to indoctrination, and just switched allegiance from one mind control group to another.

  • Giordano

    Considering Russia's present attitude towards the JW's and Russia's collusion with the Russian Orthodox Church, it wouldn't surprise me if there were in fact people who infiltrated various congregations and what ever Branch's that is still around to make sure that the JW's are not plotting a take over. Exactly what they want to take......... are simply converts.

    The Russians, especially the government, as far back as one wants to go, has always had a history of spying on, harassing and arresting innocent people.

  • john.prestor

    I really value the input guys, it puts it in context for me. What he's saying might be true, from what people are saying, but it definitely plays into their usual persecution thing.

  • Corney

    Undoubtedly, the infiltration took place.

    Dmitro Vedeneyev, Ukrainian SBU-affiliated historian, examined KGB archives, and in his mediocre book Atheists in the Uniform he described large-scale MGB/KGB operations against JWs and other religious groups. Those operations included infiltration and recruitment, and the org was one of the most important (in 1960s one of the three KGB anti-religious department's units in the Soviet Ukraine was assigned the task of fighting it) and hard targets for KGB; some Witnesses allegedly even acted like double agents disinforming their KGB recruiters.

    Nikolay Bychkov publicly stated that he was a KGB informer (not an officer) directed to infiltrate the org but eventually he became a JW himself.

    Hans Hermann Dirksen, an author of a book about JWs in the GDR, probably affiliated with Watchtower, wrote: "An order issued in January 1951 by Erich Mielke, permanent secretary in charge of the Stasi, identified the deployment of spies as the principal technique to be used: 'discovering the leaders and the most dangerous agents of the sect is possible only by working hard to find unofficial collaborators who have good prospects in the sect and who will secretly keep us informed'46 Stasi employees thus began to study the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses and even took part in their preaching activity" (Jehovah's Witnesses under Communist Regimes, p. 233-4 [5-6]). More information about the Stasi infiltration, recruitment and other tactics can be found here: (especially p. 154 [10] et seq.).

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    Wow, thanks for those references, that conforms it.

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