I'm writing a letter to my country's branch

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  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    Hi Everyone who replied!

    Thanks for your thoughts. I noticed that some of you assumed that I'm kind of oblivious to the 607-1914 problem, but I know this subject very well. That is the main reason I won't write them about it because I suppose it will ring their apostate radar.

    My case is actually to ask about these themes (the fullfilment of Daniel's prophecy and the prophecy of Jesus) since I don't see many 'apostate' material centered in that, most of the anti JW material focuses on the 607 issue. So I don't think they have a 'apostate radar' for these subjects. Anyway I'll take your counsels and be way more cautious.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Hi Ray

    Not sure how old you are but personally I think you are totally wasting your time even thinking about Daniel, 607, 1914, Jesus etc etc. Get yourself a new (non-JW) girlfriend and spend the time investigating much more interesting areas.

    Then what do I know, 70+, born and raised a JW and still locked in because of family.


  • zeb

    Be warned. You are assuming that the wt will reasonably discuss an issue. They wont. Your letter will be fwd to your local elders and YOU will be put on watch ie 'marked'.

    As the ARC found out when the jw elders fronted up they were hopelessly unprepared and had no knowledge of procedure. Nor did they wish too.

    At the second session when the wt was to show what changes they had made to internal procedures the ARC wrote to the GB and asked for some one to show up to the Commission. Their answer? "You don't have the power to make us.." Now this must explain a very great deal about the wts.

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