I'm writing a letter to my country's branch

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  • tepidpoultry

    FYI: longstanding practice of WT is to send all correspondence to your nearest KH where it will be read and handled by your local elders,


  • punkofnice

    Asking the WBT$ questions will surely get you DF'd. They cannot answer these questions because they want to maintain their own lies. DF is their way of shutting you down so that you can't ask them or put doubts into the minds of other JWs.

    that's my three ha'peth, anyway.

  • scratchme1010

    Any of you guys has ever sent such letter to ask abou the wt beliefs? Any suggestions?

    Seems like you have realistic expectations on what the response from the WT will be regarding any of their teachings, particularly the one that has come back to bite them in their asses the most.

    My suggestion is to send the letter. I think you are right that they are not going to congratulate you or say that they care about you, or that they will admit to an error or lying. However, something else that the letter may do is make you feel good about doing that.

    You have a voice, you are entitled to your own opinion and to your own freedom of thought. As a way of reclaiming that right that they try to take from you, I think the letter could be a good thing in that sense. Other than that, I think you are right, they are not going to give you anything good in return.

  • smiddy

    Ray Frankz sending a letter to the Governing Body pointing out their flaws in doctrine could be likened to sending a letter to a Mafia boss that he could be breaking the law.

    The GB are not delusional ,they know full well they are not directed by Holy Spirit and that they are not operating under the guidance of the Holy Spirit ,

    They have admitted to not being inspired by God and not directed by Gods Holy Spirit.that they are imperfect and make mistakes.

    And the videos of the Australian Royal Comission also show that the Australian Governing Body member G.Jackson can lie under oath.

    When asked by counsel if Jehovahs Witnesses considered themselves the only "true"religion ,his reply was "That would be presumptuous of him to say that "?

    Also Vincent Toole a JW and a legal representative of the WT organization when asked by counsel about shunning said "I have heard about it but I dont know what it means" another lie. under oath.by a person of responsability high up in the organization

    The JW`s are no more directed by God than are the Mormons ,Seventh Day Adventists or the Christadephians.or any other religion.

  • stillin

    My best advice, and I've written more than a few letters myself, is that you have one or two conversations with your local elders on the subject. Of course, they won't be able to satisfy your curiosity so it's only natural that you take your concern to the next level, theocratically. Be sure to give your locals a copy of the letter that you send to the Branch or it may seem like you are being devious.

    It will be a joint effort on your and your local elder's part to discover the truth.

  • Splash

    Use the Insight book. By adding up the how long each king was reigning, WT actually contradict their own 607BCE date:

    "List of Kings" it-1 p. 425

    Watchtower Quote


    Babylon fell 539 B.C.E, End of Belshazzar’s Rule

    "The End of Belshazzar’s Rule. On the night of October 5, 539 B.C.E." it-1 pp. 284 Belshazzar

    539 B.C.E

    "October 5, 539 B.C.E. (Gregorian calendar), when Babylon fell before the invading Medo-Persian armies under the command of Cyrus the Great." - it-1 236 Babylon, History

    Plus Nabonidus

    "On the basis of cuneiform texts he is believed to have ruled some seventeen years(556-539 B.C.E.)." it-2 p. 457 Nabonidus

    +17 years

    Plus Labashi-Marduk

    "Labashi-Marduk, a vicious boy, succeeded him, and was assassinated within nine months." w65 1/1 p. 29

    +1 year

    Plus Neriglissar

    "For Neriglissar... contract tablets are known dated to his fourth year." it-1 pp. 453 Chronology

    +4 years

    Plus Evil-Merodach

    "Evil-merodach reigned two years" w65 1/1 p. 29

    +2 years

    Plus Nebuchadnezzar

    "Nebuchadnezzar ruled as king for 43 years" it-2 pp.482 Nebuchadnezzar

    +43 years

    Equals Start of Nebuchadnezzar's reign

    Calculated by adding above figures

    606 B.C.E.

    Minus Nebuchadnezzar's 19th year

    2 Kings 25:8-9 "And in the ... nineteenth year of King Neb·u·chad·nez´zar ... the servant of the king of Babylon, came to Jerusalem. And he proceeded to burn the house of Jehovah"

    -19 years

    Date for Destruction of Jerusalem=

    539 B.C.E +17 +1 +4 +2 +43 -19 =

    587 B.C.E.

  • dozy

    If they bother responding ( normally they just write a letter to the elders asking about you and telling them to make a shepherding call on you ) they will just refer you to the Watchtower a few years ago on the subject - giving you a "cut and paste" cookie cutter standard response. They get letters like this all the time.They are deluded - but they aren't stupid ( there is a distinction. )

    I'd be very , very wary of writing letters - immediately the "aposta radar" goes up & you can expect a visit by a couple of elders. For example - see the experience on Jwfacts https://jwfacts.com/watchtower/experiences/letter-to-bethel.php

    Get ready for the first question from your elders "where did you hear about this - on the internet?" There isn't anything gained by writing letters to the Society - and a hell of a lot to lose.

  • jwleaks

    7 times = 2,520 days based on Revelation 12:6 and Revelation 12:14

    2,520 ÷ 7 = 360 and 1,260 ÷ 3 1/2 times = 360

    Therefore a year = 360 days which is confirmed in the Insight book (see Year - In Prophecy)

    Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6 are used to support "a day for a year."

    The year 607 BC had 360.0 days according to the Israelite calendar and the Babylonish calendar, which was scripturally abandoned in 70 AD with the destruction of Jerusalem, some 678 years (of 360.0 days each) after the prophecy of Daniel regarding the "seven times."

    Then suddenly we arrive at 1914 which has 365.25 days according to the Gregorian calendar (365.2425 days) which replaced the Julian calendar (365.25 days) introduced in 45 AD.

    Daniel's prophecy was written under an Israelite 360.0 day / year calendar which in the 6th century BC had adopted Babylonish names from Babylon's lunation month of 29 or 30 days (360.0 day year), whereas the revelation of John was written under a Roman Julian calendar of 365.25 day / year while John was in a Roman prison. Watchtower's interpretation of the bible books of Daniel and Revelation was made under a Gregorian calendar introduced by Catholic Pope Gregory XIII in October 1582 AD.

    You cannot cherry pick calendars and years when the bible is explicit on days and years with each year having either 360 days or 365.25 days.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    You want to see how the head of the snake will respond?

    Walk up to a witnessing cart (preferably with elders at it) and try to explain the truth you've found.

    You'll get your answer very quickly - in less than 90 seconds - and it'll save you the cost of a postage stamp to the Branch.

  • waton

    I would send it only for your personal satisfaction. wt is not interested in details or you. the least that can happen is a reply saying " -- mind your own business....." include a token "contribution" of money to be sure they write back ha ha.

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