Translation of "Crisis of Conscience" in French

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  • Francois

    What, exactly, is the problem getting the translation published? How 'bout getting it published in Quebec? That's French, fer chrissake. Or Bulgaria? They've been lied to by the WTBTS in Spades you know. And I guess publication in the US is out of the question, the French being the French and all.

    I, with the rest of you, would certainly like to see CoC in French and the faces of the French after they've read it.


  • Joyzabel

    Bravo! Good work! for those who helped Ray with this French translation. It was a long, laborious job.

    It may seem simple to get one's work published but it is not. Especially dealing with distribution and keeping cost to a reasonable level.

    (((((hugs to all who helped)))))


  • Motema Bolingo
    Motema Bolingo

    Shamus : Thank you ! I promise to not reveal how is your avatar when I am in contact with Ray.

    Nathan : One publishing house was interested in Belgium, but being to small, they are unable to guarantee the distribution. I am sure that the recent US report about "religious freedom" in which they point Belgium, France and Germany has something to do with the situation.

    Hamas, JH : I agree. "Crisis of Conscience" in French will create a huge impact in France.

    Celia : Thank you for explaining the problem. Tu as tout le temps pour traduire mon texte. Rien ne presse.

    Scully : Oh, my dear ! The African countries (where people speak French) are so poor !

    Jwsons : Jacqueline et moi te remercions également.

    François : We try to find a solution with a publishing house in Quebec. To follow ...

    Joy2bfree : Thank you so much. Your encouragements are highly appreciated.

    Best wishes - Jacques

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Have you looked into Taiwan or Hong Kong?


    The printer needn't be perfectly fluent in the language, just able to meet your production and delivery needs. Low cost would be a plus.

  • jst2laws


    Ray has had problems with printing in foreign countries. In one country the his representatives went with a low cost printer and the quality was beneath the dignity of the message in the book. Very shabby. The better publishers will not mess with a small run. Since this is French, there should be enough demand over time to make it worthwhile but it takes a big some of money to print and stock the first printing. It is not easy. I have confidence the folks working on this are looking at every possibility.

    Meanwhile I thought the idea of a Canadian publishers was good.


  • chasson

    In fact even "The Gentiles Times reconsidered..." from Coc is still translated in french and wait for a publisher... Christian Dott is still searching too Bye Charles

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