Translation of "Crisis of Conscience" in French

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  • Motema Bolingo
    Motema Bolingo

    "Crisis of Conscience" (4th edition - revised 2002) is now completely translated in French.

    For those who understand (or read) French, there are two new chapters of CoC on my website :

    Please note this is made at the request and with the complete agreement of Raymond Franz.

    Translation was procuced by a team of five persons : Two living in France, two in Belgium (my wife and myself) and one in the USA (my dear friend Celia, a member of this forum).

    One point remains : The book is not yet published, because with face some difficulties to find a publishing house.

    Jacques Request to put on this website two chapters of "Crisis of Conscience" in French
    was made and approved by the author.
    Request to put on this website two chapters of "Crisis of Conscience" in French
    was made and approved by the author.

  • shamus

    Merci Beaucoupe!

    If you talk with Ray Franz regularly, tell him that I and others just want to thank him for his book and his courage.... just please don't tell him what my avatar looks like... LOL!


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Is it essential that the book must be printed in France? What if it was printed in Belgium, for example, and imported, would that create complications?

  • Hamas

    Now there are two things certain in France !!

    1) A good translation of CoC !

    2) Invasion !!!

    Merci !!

  • Celia

    Nathan: Jacques has tried almost everything... He could not find a publisher in Belgium, or the Netherlands... he has asked quite a few in France and he is still asking around in that country... There is still Quebec to consider... Or Commentary Press itself, but that would create distribution problems.

    Jacques, j'ai imprime le texte que tu veux que je traduise. 11 pages... Cela va prendre un moment !

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Thanks for the reply, Celia.

    Are commercial printers afraid to print it? Given the state of affairs between the WTS and the French gov't, I would have thought it would be easy to get it published. What gives?

    What about an "on-demand" print operation? These specialize in short runs and fast turnover (in the US at least) but the binding is not at the level of a professional hardcover edition. On the other hand, a paperback edition is well suited to on-demand printing.

    Is it possible that Poland or one of the former Soviet countries could do it?

    What aboout China? They do everything else...

  • Scully

    Perhaps even African countries (Gambia or Zaire) where French is spoken, it may be possible to find a printer willing to publish CoC en français.

    Love, Scully

  • Elsewhere

    Given the opposition the JWs experience in

  • jwsons

    Merci beaucoup Jacques et Jacqueline .


  • JH

    Now the French will hate the JW's even more.

    Faux prophètes, allez-vous en !

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