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  • dubstepped
    What about stumbling you? What if you were the one stumbled because of the rigid idiocy of others? That's something always found so stupid. I should change something because God forbid I stumble some idiot, but my feelings don't matter at all, right? Why couldn't I see their comments as stumbling to me? So stupid and one sided.
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    How Christian of those taking issue with your personal grooming not to speak to you first.

    Or were the elders just lying?

    One could check it out by politely asking 'which one of my brothers has something against me, so I can make it right with him?'

  • steve2

    So what has happened to the elders' need to meet with you? Is that still going to happen?

    It doesn't look good for you because one way or another the unbearded ones will find a way to make their point.

    No doubt they'd be cornering old Charles Russell with his big white bushy beard - there would be enough hair in thst old geezer's beard to stumble entire congregations full of weak brothers and sisters.

    And yours by contrast is neatly trimmed!

    Talk about an organization of weak followers of unbearded men.

  • stuckinarut2

    Isnt there a famous scripture about ones who "strain out the gnat, and swallow the camel"??

    Seriously....like already said by others, the focus needs to be on more important topics than whether or not someone wears a beard!

    The longer one is off the witness treadmill, the more ludicrous these sort of "rules" about facial hair (etc) seem!

  • freddo
    Bravo, OFS!
  • Ozman

    Would like to see Jesus anonymously turn up at a meeting....beard & all. He might say to them ' I Am the Truth'. At that point the brothers begin stoning him with the word...'Apostate!'

  • jwfacts
    1 Corinthians 8: 9 which says, "But keep watching that your right to choose does not somehow become a stumbling block to those who are weak."

    I always found this a paradox. It would be impossible to comply to every whim of every weak persons conscience. I would have replied:

    "I am stumbled that people are imposing their conscience on me about not having a beard, when it is not spoken against in the Bible, in fact the opposite, beards are very much part of Bible fashion. Please tell these people to stop going beyond the word of God."

  • Room 215
  • eyeuse2badub

    "All the brothers are wearing suits except one. And he needed counsel that he should wear a suit jacket at the meetings."

    I hope you were wearing your suit jacket when you were getting reamed for your "beard".

    When the stupid beard thing comes up around me, I simply mention that they should take a look at the pictures of jesus in the wt publications. Then I politely mention that if we want to imitate jesus, we should definitely not be doing the (lol) 'cart' witnessing. Jesus would never just stand there and say nothing as people passed by.

    just saying!


  • StarTrekAngel

    If this study was recent, I wonder how certain sister in my cong feels. I just found out that the one anointed sister in our cong who everyone respects, had her true colors shine thru. Those of us who know her better are not surprised but others... not so sure. Said sister has a "spiritual daughter" whom she brought in to the "truth". This sister has two daughters of her own, teenagers. One of them is baptized and started a relationship with a "worldly" guy. As soon as the mother found out, she went to the elders and told them her daughter was dating. I am not sure what the reply from the elders was but if I had to go by the book, the elders are not talking action just yet. They only have the mother's side of the story.

    Well apparently the mother does not necesarily see anything wrong with what her daughter is doing. She let her show up to the meeting with her boyfriend. As soon as the meeting was over, anointed sister took grabbed her by the arm and took her outside. There she started "counseling" her with what she describes as "not a friendly tone". She told her if she was out of her mind, letting her daughter show up to the meeting with her boyfriend like this, exposing her to get DFd. Source is a very close relative who happens to think (thankfully) that the anointed sister had no business doing this, even if she feels responsible for her "spiritual daughter".

    The worst part is the hypocrisy. This "anointed" sister had skeletons of her own that will definitely make you question her ability to raise children. One of her sons is out of the org and she supposedly shuns him (at least she took to the stage during our 2015 assembly and cried about this). Her daughter was forcedly married to the son of an elders who was about to get DFd for sleeping around and getting a sister pregnant. She found out at the last minute that her future son--in-law had a kid outside of wedlock and she did not do anything at all.

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