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  • OneFingerSalute

    Just a few observations from this morning. . .

    This morning as I was trying to choke back the bile that kept wanting to come up during the WT study one comment in particular screamed CULT.

    Towards the very end as comments were being made about "counseling" others with "gracious" words one of the uber-Dub minstral-serpents made this comment, "We see in the last image that the brother is holding a Bible as he counsels the other brother. We look closely at the picture and we can know exactly what he is counseling the brother about. All the brothers are wearing suits except one. And he needed counsel that he should wear a suit jacket at the meetings."

    After the meeting OFS got called aside with the worn out "we need to visit with you" line. This time it was the close trimmed, neat, well-arranged beard that I am now sporting that had the eldurr's panties in a wad. I was informed that there were some in the congregation that were offended, and that he is sure I "don't want to stumble someone do you?" I asked for a reason from the Bible why I should not wear one when it was my choice to wear one? He read 1 Corinthians 8: 9 which says, "But keep watching that your right to choose does not somehow become a stumbling block to those who are weak." I guess some of what I remember from the Bible has stuck with me, because I came back with Psalms 119: 165. "Abundant peace belongs to those who love your law; Nothing can make them stumble." Then I asked if perhaps he should concentrate on strengthing those weak ones instead of trying to force me to conform to weak ones who evidently must not really love the law of God.

    He only mumbled and then quickly excused himself claiming to need to take care some other matters.

    In another conversation it was mentioned that the Warwick compound is going ahead so fast. They are housing the workers (slaves) in the residence buildings now. They(the workers)have no transportation, they are in the middle of nowhere, and they have nothing to do after supper just sitting in the room with no real amenities so they just go back to work. That is why so much is getting done so "fast". BOREDOM!

  • LostGeneration

    Nice comeback. That's the thing about the bible, you can get whatever you want out of it, you just have to have the right scriptures locked and loaded and you can get them to shuffle off with their head spinning.

    I wonder if Warwick will end up being an aposta-creation machine. Once its over everyone is going to be back home and there is gonna be that letdown period. Can't wait, I'm sure we will hear some real stories coming out of that project.

  • brandnew

    Dude!!! Yeah!!! The beard thing has gone on way tooo long....and its pissin people off, and most or all the sisters totally digg em. Good job ☺

    Mad Puppy

  • Sabin
    I find it inexcusable that they are stumbled by a beard but not by all the child abuse that is so dominant in the Borg.
  • stillin
    That old drill about "other people's feelings" on anything they want to talk about is getting really worn out.
  • Magnum

    This, to me, is an example of how Pharisaic the org is. It strains out little gnats, but gulps down huge camels.

    So they're worried about stumbling others? They're worried about your neatly trimmed beard doing that? I really don't think it's hair on men's faces that's responsible for all the stumbling. I think it's more like decades of failed predictions, bad history, wrong doctrine, deception, too much concern over money, crazy JWs, boring meetings, childish literature, corny videos, "churchy" broadcasts, etc.

    Good grief, if I was a JW who was introducing a new person to the org, I'd be far more worried about the new person seeing a video of Stephen Lett than the hair on your face. Talk about stumbling people!!!

  • Diogenesister

    Good one. A1+++ Apostate Bible basher of the week. I'd like to tell those jerks that their ambivalence to child abuse is God-dammed well stumbling me..not to mention their petty lack of love.

    When I was a kid my best friends Dad caught hell from the stiffs for sporting his beard ( he was a convert and had worn one since puberty). Since he was an aircraft designer, pilot and supported the whole bloody congregation, chauffeured anyone everywhere in his big ass Volvo not to mention his super massive IQ balancing accounts, sorting out everyone's financial and legal problems

    , a brilliant handyman he could build anything including an organ for the congregation AND as a gentle, decent, humble soul who was easily the most loved, respected and forgiving person for miles....but, y' know..Jehovah prolly didn't like him cos he had too many whiskers on his chinny chin chin...

  • TipsyMangoTea

    Currently at the meeting with my phone under my Watchtower magazine. I was getting drowsy, decided to check the forums, and now I'm super awake to hear if anyone will comment about the picture at the end, too! XDDD*

    I need to equip myself with Psalms 119:165 the next time Mom (or anyone) tries hitting me with critiques. Counterattack right back at ya!

  • truthlover

    Oh wait-- did you pick up the well meaning sister who counseled a mother of a son who was somewhat wayward?????

    Laid it on the SINGLE mother that SHE FAILED at child training!!! I could just hear myself listening to that and tearing her face off..... how dare she..........a well meaning sister!!! Not on your life... that was a terrible callous remark meant to hurt a single mother who probably has to work her a... off to keep the kid in clothes, food , etc. and take crap from him at the same time

    Disgusting example of how the sister treated the single mom .

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    I love all these comments! Too funny! Right back at you WT!!

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