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  • BarelyThere
    Okay so here goes...this is my first time on here. I'm lost and confused and am feeling very hopeless. I was DFed in September and I am still wrapping my head around everything. If there's any support on here, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • nicolaou

    Hi BarelyThere, take a deep breath and don't despair. Why not tell us a bit more about yourself?

    Welcome to the forum.

  • talesin

    Hi, and welcome! Yes, you will find support here. Take a deep breath, and know that you are not alone. (deep breath,,,,,,, ahhh!) xx

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Nice to hear from you, BarelyThere, and welcome to the forum.

    If there's any support on here, I would greatly appreciate it - we'll do our best, promise.

    I managed to avoid a DFing and faded from the WT some time ago.

    However, there are plenty of other posters who have been through what you've been through and will no doubt comfort and help you.

    Incidently, there is absolutely zero evidence for Armageddon. This 'system of things' is all we have. Have you thought about education, doing something you like, and a career?

    All the best and take care


  • lumberjack
    Hello and welcome, I would wrap my head into Bible and prayed, it sure can ease all those things up, if God and Christ allows, see i.e. Psalm 43.
  • Magnum
    Hello. I agree with nicolaou; tell us a little more. How do you feel about JWdom (the teachings, the organization, the culture, etc.)? Do you still believe it's right? Do you still believe in the Bible? Do you want to be a JW again?
  • cofty

    HiI Barely there. Welcome to the forum.

    There are hundreds of people here who have been through the trauma that you are experiencing now. You will be ok. Things will get better. When you are ready let us know what's going on.

    Wishing you well

  • freemindfade
    Welcome. Lots of support is available
  • steve2

    You actually have all the time you need. There is no urgency, no emergency.

    A sense of safety and tolerance do wonders for each individual's ability to use reason and logic.

    Take it nice and slow - you've got by since last September, even though I acknowledge it hss been incredibly hard for you. Best, steve.

  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    Welcome. ...

    Feeling your pain and confusion as was only recently df myself despite having faded out about 5 years ago....

    It was clear to me one elder Jobsworth had it in for me and wouldn't rest till things were official. He didn't let up persecuting and hounding me to meet the elders despite my fiance being diagnosed with cancer at the same time. options were to leave him and move out or get df....what a great witness that would have been anyway....sorry ur dying mate but I'm off to save my soul lol!!

    My mother is probably hoping he snuffs it. ..

    One announcement later and neither my mother or child have spoken to me since....I cry myself to sleep most nights but dammed sure i wont be bullied back in!

    It's such a loving organisation. ..NOT..

    I've found lots of support on here will too ...

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