What was the last thing you said to your jw family?

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  • LOLS

    I am not a JW but I am married to one ..... which is a struggle on it's own

    I have not spoken to my husbands JW family or friends for the past 6 months , after his father told me that I am an evil person for not supporting my JW's husbands religion & for choosing my family and my gay siblings over the new Mother & Father , sister & brothers I would gain if I supported my husband like a good wife should . An as for his JW friends I have no time for these people especially when they try and talk nonsense behind my back to my children about why JW's are so fab & other religions are wrong......

  • Giordano
    An as for his JW friends I have no time for these people especially when they try and talk nonsense behind my back to my children about why JW's are so fab & other religions are wrong......

    Do not let them talk to your children. Treat them as you would a pedophile who is trying to seduce your child. While Pedophiles are about the evil they can do to your child..... JW's are about the ignorance when it comes to life's choices.

    JWs have their own evils and most of them don't understand this aspect of their religion. It is their ignorance that makes them as dangerous as any pervert.The Ban on Blood, the Two Witnesses rule applied to sexual child abusers, the lack of Higher Education, a Social Life beyond the KH, the Death of all non JW's at Armageddon. Their Treatment of non believing family members.

    Under their smiles they have evil beliefs. And they are willing to die for those beliefs.

  • Simon
    What was the last thing you said to your jw family?

    "OK, bye then"

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    After talking to my brother on the phone about all the reasons why I left the JW's, he indicated that talking to me was shaking his faith. He said " I already have enough trouble with my faith as it is without you talking to me about all of that stuff".

    I said, "Maybe there's a good reason you're having trouble with your faith. It seems to me that you have no trouble believing that the sun will rise tomorrow or that if you don't pay your electric bill your power will be shut of or that our parents are really our parents. You know unquestioningly that those things are true because of the clear evidence available yet decade after decade of studying and attending meetings and going from door to door, you still are having trouble convincing yourself that the JW religion is true. Nothing they've ever said since the 1800's has ever come about. Even Noah, if he existed, had the satisfaction of seeing the Flood happen. It sounds very noble for one to say that they " have faith " but sometimes people like to use the word FAITH to feel OK about simply not wanting to bother looking anymore".

    He only texts me now on occasion rather than calling or visiting. He doesn't want to face what he knows to be true. I know that he knows the religion is B.S but his whole social and business world is built around all the JW's that he knows everywhere. If he wasn't a JW, he wouldn't have an income and wouldn't be able to travel the way he does and he'd have to face the scary reality that we are in fact growing older and will one day die.

  • alecholmesthedetective

    "Serpents, offspring of vipers, how are you to flee from the judgment of Gehenna?"

  • Xanthippe

    My non-JW dad tried to get one of my sisters and I together when he found out she'd shunned me for fifteen years. He phoned her and then said she's fine about talking to you now. I doubted it very much but did as he asked because my mother had died and he wanted us to make up.

    She said, Dad doesn't understand the situation. Her whole tone was, you know why we're doing this to you and you should understand you deserve it. I lost it and said how could he understand, how could anyone understand, what you're doing in cruel and unusual punishment! She said I was criticising her religion and slammed the phone down.

    Her husband has cancer so I've heard on the grapevine. Will she realise how cruel she's been if he dies and she becomes a widow too? I doubt it somehow. I'm afraid I will not comfort her, I'm not a Christian, I don't forgive seventy times seven times.

  • ToesUp

    Like Shrek said...."better out than in I say." lol

    We told our family that we are happier and doing better out of the Borg than in. They looked at us like a deer in head lights. Totally baffled them!!!!

  • blondie

    After telling some elders about how so many jws were knowingly and specifically cruel to me and others and their admitting it was true, I told them, "why would I want to live forever with these people. I would rather live a short life around people who love me and show it."

  • Joyzabel

    Said to my mother the last time I was in her house......

    ”There is no Armageddon coming and you are in a cult.”

    Then walked out.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Gio, your story is heartbreaking for so many reasons. But, geez, a mother not even thinking of her son and his family, that's just cold. It's inhuman the way some of these family members, especially mothers act. If they only realized how terrible a witness they are giving.

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