What was the last thing you said to your jw family?

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  • alecholmesthedetective

    Also, the last time I stepped into the Kingdom Hell was to ask the coordinator of my congregation about how he and my father were plotting to take away my 'office' of ministerial servant behind my back. He was usually an unctuous man and never directly confrontational - it was surprising to see the mask come off for once, the arrogance, quite a spectacle. People could hear us, it was the end of the meeting and they were walking about pretending nothing was happening. He did not deny a single allegation, got really blue in the face, looked me close in the eye and asked:

    'What are you going to do about it?!'

    'Nothing. That's between you and Jehovah.'

    'Exactly, between me and Jehovah!'

    With that I walked out forever.

  • caves

    I appreciate all the storys. All very real, touching, crazy making and traumatizing.

    They just dont get it. They just dont get how toxic they can be. Its mind blowing. I'm no saint but damn, I wouldn't treat a rabid dog the way they can treat people from there own family.

    @alecholmesthedetective- Its funny how there description of us "apostates' fits them to a tee , yet they are blind to see it.

    The scripture about 'pulling the rafter out of your own eye before trying to extract the straw in your bother eye' is merely wasted breath in the wind for them.

  • Betheliesalot

    No one can know for sure, but because of years of studying NDE,s (near death experience), I just wonder when a Uber JW dies and as they supposedly start to drift toward a white light, do they finally realize they have been wrong all their life? 10 years ago I was in the room when a relative pioneer passed from cancer(refusing blood as usual), at the moment she took her last breath I quietly looked up and waved and smiled hoping she would see me. I will never know until it is my turn, and if the NDE theory is correct, I can ask her was she watching and any regrets. This seems silly, but with so many opinions floating around and no one with any facts on this, I can only wonder.

  • caves

    Beteliesalot- Interesting. Ive often wondered the same thing about jw death.

    My jw grandmother died right before the sexual abuse came out that her husband did to me. Later in life when I confronted all the dynamics of that head on, to my bio jw family, My grandmother appeared to me at night sitting on the side of my bed and ptting my head. She whipered in my ear"Thank you". It still makes me tear up thinking about it.

    I do think some jws recon with themselves at death ( meaning ) about the religion/ cult they were in. I think some may not.

    I have had my deceased father literally save my life on more than one occasion ( not ever a jw) didnt grow up with him but got to know him later on. But I guess that was just satan and his demons "saving my life". LOL.

    Ive had some really interesting experiences surrounding death.

  • Exelder

    I left my elderly mother crying and begging that "I return to Jehovah" because Armageddon is so real to her and she honestly thinks I am going to die. It was heartbreaking and pathetic (in the truest sense of the word) at the same time.

    I never got a chance to have any last words with my wife or children. They refused to answer any phone calls or messages.

    As a born-in I walked away without a single friend in the world and was scared witless at what was going to become of me.

    I now have made new fiends ...kinder, genuine friends that are much better than than the ones 'in the truth' and they are all given strict instructions never ever to inform any of my blood JW members if anything happens to me. They have lost the right to know anything about me now.

  • caves

    Exelder- they are all given strict instructions never ever to inform any of my blood JW members if anything happens to me. They have lost the right to know anything about me now.

    Same here. They do not deserve to know of my death, success, failures or anything about me. Nothing goes to them.

    Im so stubborn on this that when my uncle died leaving me some cash. The jw bio-fam tried to get out of giving to me and also making me somehow "repent" if I wanted it. So I got an attorney, lol. That did it. They forked over the money so fast. I then gave all of it to a person that they completely destroyed ( to emotionally charged to go in depth). I totally threw it in there face to piss them off.

    I would rather eat out of a dumpster than so much as have 10 cents from them. But I sure as heck dont mind pulling that maneuver and donating the money to a special individual that was destroyed in such a way that they will never be able to have a normal life or hint of it.

  • satinka

    When I discovered the lies and slander going on behind my back in 2000 after being DFd, I just silently made plans to move away to a new province. From Saskatchewan to British Columbia in Canada. I stopped by to see my daughter who lived in Vancouver and her words were: "I thought I told you never to speak to me again!" and I replied, "Sweety, that religion teaches conditional love." We haven't spoken to each other since.

    It took about twelve years before my jdub brother, an elder, called to see if he could visit. We met in a restaurant. I didn't want him at my home. We didn't talk religion, just mindless stuff. He didn't tell me one important thing: that my son and his wife had a baby and I was a grandma. How evil do you have to be to treat your own sister that way?

    But karma is a cruel taskmaster.They were out camping and something went off the rails. His wife took their two daughters, called a cab, and caught a flight home. By the time bro/elder got home, she had a restraining order put on him and changed the locks on the house. I don't know the details of what happened. No one will say, but his wife is now divorcing him.

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