Grading of Disfellowshipping Offenses

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    This is an old thread. I had this topic thrown in my lap again recently. Very unexpectantly. Geez, more than two years later.

    Interesting comments etc., although some folks still didn't get my drift; some of you never will. It's a conditioning.

    B T T T : that pleasant acronym you'll see here replendidly and repeatedly .

  • rocketman

    Well, happy anniversary to this thread! Obviously, I didn't see it the first time 'round.

    To some degree, I'd hope we'd have some standards. For example, if a person is df'd for not agreeing with jw doctrine, I'd be more than happy to welcome him aboard. But if someone posted "hey, I embezzeled $250,000 and those overly strict jws had the gall to df me!", well, I hope we wouldn't roll out the red carpet.

    That example is a bit extreme, but my point is that the board as a group does seem to have certain moral boundaries, and I can understand why.

    Personally, I'd like to think I treat all members the same (like dogs!), but at times I am less sympathetic toward some. For instance, if someone comes here saying, in effect 'well, my boyfriend and I just have to shag and the elders just don't understand' well, something like that is such a clear-cut violation of the standards of most religions that I just don't feel much pity. Now if someone comes along and says 'they df'd me for smoking' (pr taking blood, or professional boxing) then I'm sympathetic because I think dfing for such things is a total stretch even Biblically speaking.

  • Honesty

    I DF'd the Governing Body for apostasy but it could have just as well been the other way around.

    I was a fornicator (spirtually and physically, at times as a dub) but so were the GB because they fornicate with Satan and commit spiritual fornication against each individual JW.

    I was a thief because I stole other's lives when I helped them into the cult but so are the GB.

    I was a murderer because I helped murder people's souls by encouraging them to be faithful to the GB as they commit murder against them with the WTBTS poisonous doctrines.

    I was a whore because I fornicated with the GB by worshipping them instead of Jesus.

    Are y'all gonna shun me?


    Honesty: I have nothing further to add.

    Your post, speaks for itself. Perfectly worded and expressed with great eloquence.

    Thank you! (you got it)

  • upside/down

    I thought the only disfellowshipping "offense" was to be willful & unrepentant...

    Has that changed?

    u/d (of the willfully unrepentant...but not DF'd class)

  • upside/down

    Honesty- say 10 Hail Mary's and drop a $50 in the box...and it's all good.


  • tijkmo

    yup u/d

    there is no such thing as a disfellowshipping offense

    there are however offences that require a judicial hearing...according to jws

    these offences include things that didnt even carry the death penalty under the mosaic law

    and you cant be disfellowshipped for anything if you are truly repentant

    yarda yarda yarda

    ho hum

    fiddley de

  • Gadget

    Good to see you posting again Ray, might even manage to have another beer with you again soon if everything goes to plan......

    I think this is a really good topic, I've seen some comments recently where people have been judged for the circumstances that led to them being df'd, but I remember the stress I was under when I got df'd and I went on to do a lot of things which I now regret. I'm glad I wasn't on them, but instead on me as a person.

    I don't even know ehat class people would put me into anyway, I got df'd after the PO discovered I was having anal sex with his daughter (my fiance).............

  • upside/down

    Yeah I've seen JW "justice" first hand and up close...

    My wife was diddling everthing with an appendage this side of Tuesday...for over 6 months....(including some good JW's)...

    Her JC lasted about 40 minutes...they deliberated for about 30 more...and she got a slap on the wrist...(public reproof)...

    I threatened one of the "brothers" who was kindly banging her for me...that if he so much as looked at any member of my family I would remove his "appendage"...and that he should seriously consider immigrating to New Zealand...unfortunately I didn't use "christian" restraint and was screaming at him with a 9mm pointed at his head...

    I was told I was an "extortioner"...right up there with murderers...and soon to be DF' mercy.

    I told them to all go f*ck themselves and moved to Colorado...before I actually did to them what they deserved...and landed myself in prison.

    Go figure..

    u/d(of the Never Again class)

    p.s.- needless to say... ALL these people are still "good in the truth"...and I'm "out"...

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