Grading of Disfellowshipping Offenses

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    Just putting this out to you.

    Have you encountered, or noticed on occasion how what you were disfellowshipped for, also dictates who will associate with you, post-JW? Yes, I'm talking about those beloved ex-JWs/DF'd/DA'd/apostates.

    By that, I mean, if you were, let's say, disfellowshipped for scriptural/doctrinal issues, perhaps in the ex-JW world, you hold yourself or others of that ilk, in higher esteem?

    Those that were disfellowshipped for smoking, heavy drinking or drug use, perhaps as previously not strong people.

    Those that were disfellowshipped for sexual misconduct: (file under: OTHER) and similar to the above.

    It's interesting. Has anyone noticed this?

    Grading of disfellowshipping offenses: thus you are graded post-JW, as a result of why you were finally let go.

    I'm putting this out to you, because I have observed on/off forum/s, that people do this. (IMHO)

    Have you been affected by this?

    In the WTS eyes, if you even remotely cared: we're all in the same (proverbial) ship.

    I have had some interesting conversations as of late, and no matter what it was you were eventually disfellowshipped for, it would seem no matter how much you gave yourself to the organization, it all came to naught; even post-JW, you're still getting a bit of the same thing sometimes?

    'he/she couldn't have been very strong JWs' <WTF? (I have heard this more than twice/thrice)

    Minor Rayzorblade venting here.

    Any comments? Thanks otherwise for allowing me to simply, get this off my chest.

  • wednesday

    yes Razor i have noticed that "Grading " system. The adulters are shunned even here. Few would even admit to it. It is however, very common in the org. Followed very closely by alochol and drugs. I think the feeling may be, well these people were immoral and just deserved to be out. so maybe the org was justifed in ousting them. Sort of like those people are not "real x-jws" they are just screw ups.

    I do notice that those DF for apostacy have a harder time getiing back in the org, and have almost 0 chance of bieng "Real JWS" again.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    My last expulsion was a beut. The Elder took it upon himself to speak on my behalf by saying that I was not repentant, after I had repentant! To me, this expulsion was a blessing in disguise as it was the light that I needed to see. Gonzo. The rest is history.

    I have observed that people who are given some degree of authority become instant know it all's. These people are drunk with presumptuousness. Many golf teachers fit this description and they end up ruining people's golf swings and head. The witness program falls in the same basket.

    It's shameful to know how a supposed loving org. can and does allow so many wrongs to exist. They're out of touch with fellow feeling.

    Guest 77

  • Vivamus

    I'm not sure I get what you're saying... I got DF for being immoral *oh the joy that was*. So that would classify me as what..... ?


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  • smack

    a girl that said yes

  • Vivamus

    Hehe, Smack


    And the world shall tremble in the wake of the Blue Bubblegum
    Dutch District Overbeer

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Now there is something I had never thoguht of.

    Technically I got DFed because of adultery. But I can't say I connect best with others who were DFed for the same thing. I think I connect best with the abused and down-trodden (like all of us) but that is how I am everywhere. I find it harder to connect with the theological types (apostates before they left) but then I was never really into memorizing scripture and understanding all that stuff. Think I was just along for the ride.

    OK maybe I'm just weird

  • teenyuck

    I never thought about it.....however, I do notice a tendency of *most* to say to say that they were DFd for Apostasy....I seriously don't think that many people were DFd for that. I don't think *most* want to fess up to fornication or adultury. I think Apostasy gets a silent nod of approval on DBs like this.

    I think DFd for smoking is almost a badge of is such a stupid reason to DF someone for. Drinking, OTOH, means you need help and should be pitied. Even if you were only *publicly drunk* (happened to a Bro at our KH...he had 4 beers)

    I don't care why you are out....I am just glad you are. You are all equal in my eyes.

    If you have to make yourself feel better by saying you were an apostate....(when you screwed around on your spouse or fornicated)....get therapy.

  • obiwan

    Well I was df'd for FORNICATION, thought I'd use the big words so no one would misunderstand. As for how my association was, let's just say at 21 I made up for alot of lost time fornicating.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Grading of Disfellowshipping Offenses

    "... and the results are in.

    From the American judge, 9.6

    From the British judge, 9.7

    From the Japanese judge, 9.8

    ... and from East Germany, 4.6."

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