Is Trump the President of Jerusalem too?

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  • JakeM2012

    Trump is only moving the US Embasy. It will employ architect's, engineers, and contractors etc.

  • faithnomore

    In 1995 I believe it passed in Congress to recognize Jerusalem as capitol.

    However every president since (Including Trump) has signed a waiver to delay moving embassy in the interest of finding peace in the middle east. Trump has decided to end that, it will take some time to even find property etc so I'm thinking this won't be any time real soon.

    Tor don't ever be sorry for asking questions that's what got some of us stuck in as JW's in the first place a fear of questions and the retribution we received when asking them. Some people are just very passionate we'll say especially when it comes to religion and politics:)

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    There will no doubt be a very heated reaction to Trump's declaration.

    Prophecy tells us that Jerusalem will be utterly destroyed. Perhaps we'll see it happen in the not too distant future.

    Apparently Damascus is prophesied to suffer the same fate. The beating of the War Drums has been fairly constant for the past several years.

  • smiddy3

    The heart beat of JW`s will be up and running now ,this surely has to be the the precursor of the GT and Armageddon surely.

  • Fisherman

    A lot of Muslems are going to get angry at that: = Violence. I am politically neutral about the whole thing but... the fact remains and let's see how Moslems react.

  • waton

    It would not be the first time that a well known city is divided and becomes symbolic home to a US President and pushed affairs to the potential brink of a world war,

    Think of 1947 Berlin, the encirclement, the Airlift, the speech in which Kennedy declared himself to be a "Berliner", a citizen of that city.

    Yes, if Trump declared himself to be the citizen of Jerusalem ( the Israeli sector I assume) that would give pause to the world. You do not attack The US president, or its rep with impunity ( US embassy in Tehran).

  • tor1500


    Thanks for the shout understood it was a question. I was on another site and asked several questions to active JW's, wow, did they pounce on me...I befriended a few of the folks on the site and they would stick up for me and say, all they/me did was just ask a question. Many on the site had to calm down some of the witnesses. They would turn on you like a rabid dog...

    I like this site, many intelligent folks.

    You are right some folks are just passionate about life itself, so must tread lightly...It's said to never discuss politics and religion...I say discuss, but agree to disagree & yet don't have to remain disagreeable...


  • flipper

    This is how I feel Trump perceives himself :

  • Simon

    You have it completely back to front. It's more like some other country deciding that they don't accept that Washington is the US capitol. Who decides what it should be other than the country concerned?

    The leftist wings of the US and other countries have supported and excused Palestinian terrorism for far too long, to the extent that they pay millions of dollars to them who in turn pay a lot of that money to families of those who commit terrorist martyrdom. So, state sponsors of terror - anyone giving money to the terrorist Palestinian leadership (which shafts the regular Palestinians who can't get proper leaders elected as a result).

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Capital, not capitol. If anyone writes capitol one more time I will pull all my hair out.

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