Question about an elder and if I am crazy

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    My name

    That has been part of the problem, I honestly do not get it myself. Looking at it now I see my husband has not stood up for me. Like when the elder was following me around the hall, at first I thought I had to be imaging it myself, I mean who does that?

    For most of our marriage I have had to stand on my own, the religion has always come first. But this goes beyond the religion this is just creepy and unnerving.

    After reading all the posts I think that is a huge reason I have doubted myself because I have been on my own dealing with this.

    I honestly do not know if our marriage will survive, I am just so tired, I wanted a husband not an elder, I wanted a partener in life.

    A huge part of my craziness is having no support, I have no family, no siblings, cousins, no one. No children, I am totally all alone in the world. I was raised in the JW closed world. I have no one to bounce off when craziness happens. And of course the JW's, the elders tell me I am crazy.

    I love this sight, I cannot thank Simon enough, it's trully all I have. I have met Flipper, and Mrs. Flipper they have been a life savor to me, as has OTWO and others.

    Thank you againeveryone for your repiles, they mean a lot.


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