"Most women would prefer to be stay at home housewives. Women's lib did alot of damage to women!"

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  • TD

    The misogyny of JW's is legend.

    Having said that though, feminism is a very large tent with many philosophies under it. To consider the movement homogenously would be less than accurate.

  • RubaDub

    She seemed to think that it would be so much better if women were just daughters/ wives/ mothers and didn't go out to work and have career's?

    purrpurr ...

    With that "logic" I might have suggested that it would be better in developed countries that black people should regain slave status and be happier by calling their owners "Master."

    You could then have added that there would be little if any need for border enforcement on the US / Mexican border since most of the labor and lower-paying jobs would already be taken by the "Negros."

    Rub a Dub

  • Sabin

    JUST mothers a, Only Spartan women give birth to Spartan warriors.

    If you want liberation as a woman don't marry an arsehole. Of course women are not equal to men, we are above them.

    Seriously joking aside, a lot of it comes down to individual personalities. I'm all for women having a career if that is what they want. There is always an upside & a down side to every situation it just comes down to what you want to sacrifice.

    I worked with kid's & I saw a lot of career women get to 35 & suddenly say "oh I want a baby" but they don't get a baby, they get a human being that they are now responsible for, for the rest of their lives. They cant deal with having to come second, so at 6 weeks old they stick with a child minder, I tell you these kids are stunted emotionally. Then again I've seen young mum's who cant give up the partying & the out come is the same. I think a good mother does the best she can at putting the needs of her kid's first in the circumstances she's in. For me sacrificing that time with my children & husband was a no no. If I could turn the clock back would I do it any different, NO. But that's just me, I wouldn't think less of some else cause they chose differently.

    I think the suffragettes were amazing, & I'm gonna go see that film.

  • Vidiot
    Didn't the Nazis heavily promote "housewifeism"?
  • Calebs Airplane
  • LoveUniHateExams

    I think the suffragettes were amazing

    "Hey, any bird who wants to chain herself to my railings and suffer-a-jet movement gets my vote!" - Squadron Commander Lord Flashheart in Blackadder Goes Forth.

  • ihunt

    Let's break this down into a non-gender based argument, shall we?

    A) I would argue that most PARENTS would like to spend as much time as possible with their children, especially when they are young.

    B) I would argue that most PEOPLE would prefer to have some career where they are able to apply themselves and feel rewarded.

    C) I would argue that most PEOPLE, when indoctrinated over the course of their lives to believe that they are inferior to a different group of PEOPLE, will internalize and perpetuate those doctrines.

    Just sayin, there's certainly no "womans' place" or even a "mans' place".

  • sowhatnow

    um, how about the damage to the men?

    Ill say one thing, There are an awful lot of people out there who look down on we who were once stay at home moms, they act like we sat on our butts and watched tv all day. i worked on the side cleaning on top of doing my wifely and motherly duty for over 20 years. I wouldn't have had it any other way, but after my kids were in school it would have been nice to get a decent job where I was not ruining my back. but nooo, I had to spend my 'free' time serving 'you know who.'

    now I do agree that by having more women in the work force has taken many jobs from men, and that has had its own issues, of preventing men from having families and wives.especially in developing countries. its a huge issue of unemployment and men not being able to provide for a family. so they are single, so, women are single. they are stuck being adult children. read a whole article about that dilemma.

    with stagnant low wages , rising costs of housing, gentrification, and jobs being taken over by robot manufacturing, is the new challenge. what is a 'home' supposed to be ?

    However, the stay at home mom, has been looked down on for years now.

    we x-jw [past stay at home moms,] with no college degree or any work experience,who are now divorced, and looking for a new mate, have nearly a zero chance of gaining the respect or attention and secure long term relationship of any decent wage earning mature secure man. from personal exp, the moment any of these possibly interested single or divorced men, ask 'what do you do?'

    Now, if your not independently wealthy, have a 'career' or have your own financial support, they drop you like a cannon ball. [then add to that the fact that soooo many of these guys are claiming to be 'religious' ha, where is their tradition role?

    [ im simply not interested in going to church. so that eliminates so many more guys].

    i can just hear them say, as they read my reply to them,

    'oh she does THAT, forget her .'

    yup. had it happen several times. but, Im not going to lie.

    seems to me most men these days aren't looking for a 'wife' to stay home for them and take care of things, they want no commitment, but they want just one woman in their life, so basically they want to date till they die?

    who but an x jw man can possibly understand what we x jw divorced women have been through?[and there is no x jw date site that Im aware of.]

    First they say they want a woman in their lives to love and to hold, but then want her to have a career and be independent? double talk. they want only to date have sex and not be responsible men.

    Thats what women's lib did to men. took away their pride and self respect, the fact they were needed.

    'oh the girls dont need us, they can make their own money, so we dont need them.'

    oh lonely hearts.

    very sad. Ill be the one to say, I need a husband, and want a husband. Id like to make us dinner and go out and have fun and have a friend, is that so bad?

  • TD

    seems to me most men these days aren't looking for a 'wife' to stay home for them and take care of things, they want no commitment, but they want just one woman in their life, so basically they want to date till they die?

    Sadly, that pretty much sums it up.

  • thankyou

    Hey, Sowhatnow,

    Nice post! You made a lot of good points!

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