"Most women would prefer to be stay at home housewives. Women's lib did alot of damage to women!"

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  • sowhatnow

    well, maybe having controlling mothers, or being a mamas boy, can be a problem, lol, maybe but then we have the old saying behind every successful man is a woman, lol well, women are the ones who carry the children, so maybe there was a little issue there one time...

    Thing is, society is changing, and traditional beliefs are being challenged, and many of us are having a difficult time coping with how to survive with so much change, on top of the world economic situation that just adds to any families value system. Now even men view men who are stay at home fathers in a negative light.

    its really all about who we can love for what they can do, not what society says they should do.

  • talesin

    Sorry, I had to look up Maureen Dowd. I had never heard of her, and she doesn't appear to be particularly involved in feminism. I guess I see feminist leaders such as Bella Abzug, Naomi Wolf, Gloria Steinem, and those who lead the movement.

    If you don't accept that men (for the most part) have made the rules and women have been subjugated as a result (for natural reasons, societies developed that way, of course, as women were the child-bearers), then I guess there is no point to any further discussion.

    I'm not really up to a strong debate. You are probably right. I respect your opinions, and will leave it at that.

    take care, and thanks.

    tal :sunglasses:

  • TD


    If you don't accept that men (for the most part) have made the rules and women have been subjugated as a result (for natural reasons, societies developed that way, of course, as women were the child-bearers), then I guess there is no point to any further discussion.

    The question is not what happened, but why it happened. Did primitive societies even have the luxury of thinking of things in terms of fairness? Or did men and women both do what they had to do to survive? Try looking at it outside of the men and women as adversaries model. :-)

  • LisaRose
    Crofty: The modern radical feminist movement is nothing more than misandry hiding behind a facade of of victimhood.
    They make videos about "manspreading" and "microaggressions" while ignoring the real sources of female inequality in the world.
    Which is what? I honestly don't know what you mean. What is the real source of female inequality in the world? I had to look up the meaning of misandry (the hatred of men or boys) but still do not know what you mean.
  • talesin


    Exactly. But that was THEN, and this is NOW. The patriarchy evolved naturally, but we have had the industrial revolution, 2 world wars, and major technological advances that have freed women to pursue interests other than raising children and washing clothes (yes, the washing machine is one of the most important inventions in terms of how it affected western culture).

    : )

  • TD

    Again, there is a big, big difference between patriarchy and "the patriarchy."

    "The patriarchy" (And by extension, those who benefit from it..) would indeed be threatened by equality.

  • sowhatnow

    lisarose, Im going to throw out a thought as to why I think females have less advantages in many societies than men, [What is the real source of female inequality in the world?]

    religion and pride. religion teaches that men are the authority figure, particularly in the middle east, where cultures are still heavily influenced by religion and tradition. Also, since factually most women are weaker in a physical way than men, men therefore are usually, in most cultures, hunters or the builders. so the 'logic' that follows is that is that men rule. However we all know of examples in the bible where women heavily influenced a leader to do something. [kill john he baptist for example]

    the thing is when men and women stop viewing each other as unequal humans, and embrace the assets of each one, perhaps atrocities like torturous female circumcision or tossing acid in the face of a female accused of something she did against a mans rule, this will go away. that's so stupid, what some of these backward cultures do to women, without women there are no humans,lol you would think they would adore women and their ability to recreate. those stupid guys dont even know how to have good sex, they ruin their sex toys,lol

    im surprised by now there hasnt been an all out riot/civil war, from women in the middle east ,lol Id say a good chance isis would be put out of power if all the women would gather together and form a group, and revolt. stupid women joining them instead of infiltrating them and one by one eliminating the creeps.

  • DJS

    Turns out you XXers really do want to be - or feel - dominated (from personal experience I already knew that). From yesterday's news:

    Women Are Happier Married to Men With This Trait, Courtney Smith, Dec. 7, 2015

    Happy wife, happy life, the saying goes. The onus of that cliché is always placed on the man, whose job it is to make his wife happy. However, you can make yourself a happy wife by marrying man who is taller than you.

    A survey, conducted by researchers at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, examined 7,850 Indonesian women in a long-term population study with the aim of discovering whether a taller male partner had a discernible effect on the happiness of the female. Turns out it does, and the happiness level the woman feels only grows as the height disparity gets bigger.

  • TD

    ISIS is probably another good example of how the "men and women as adversaries" model breaks down. One of the criticisms leveled by historians at that viewpoint is that it's tough to put your finger at any particular point in history where women did not support and even defend the existing social order. Even with something as evil as Nazism, women were right there alongside the men committing atrocities of their own. And for any who doubt this, I'd recommend the book, Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields (Don't read it if you have a weak stomach though....)

    We talk about how rotten women are treated in countries like India and Pakistan and there's no denying it. But what the gender warriors don't talk about (Or even acknowledge) is the degree to which destructive cycles become self-sustaining. The belief that a boy won't respect a female authority figure unless she beats the living tar out of him regularly and often is also well documented and it is a proven recipe to create an adult who is in turn an abuser themselves.

    We talk about how miserably patriarchal the JW faith is and again, there's no denying it. If I'm not mistaken though, the latest PEW poll put the ratio of women to men in this religion at about six to four and I'm not sure if there really is a good explanation for why women across all cultures, economic and education levels are slightly more religious than men.

  • Vidiot

    sabin - "Strong, independent girl with her own income, home, friends etc who stays interesting viable & challenging. Wont be obsessed with you. Only $400 an hour..."

    "G.F.E." reference?

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