"Most women would prefer to be stay at home housewives. Women's lib did alot of damage to women!"

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  • TD

    Thats what women's lib did to men. took away their pride and self respect, the fact they were needed.

    I've thought about this for several days and I'm not sure if I agree with it.

    It's not that I don't agree with your conclusion though.

    I don't agree with the idea that men are emasculated by equality. That is a mainstay of radical feminism.

    Equality comes at a price though. People, regardless of their gender are not going to divide their estate with someone who's bringing substantially less to the table. Not by and large at any rate.

    It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. At my age, a man can't usually get a second date unless he has at least one house paid for free and clear.

    Sad but true..

  • Vidiot
    The only guys afraid of losing their pride and self-respect to women's lib are the guys whose pride and self-respect are dependent on women having none.
  • Ucantnome
    my daughter is well educated but wants to stay home and be a housewife like my mother who wasn't as educated. My son on the other hand I think wont have the choice.
  • sowhatnow

    TD, your correct to feel men arent emasculated by equality, lots of men have no issue with women wanting to do what they wish, and enjoy. However, what I dont agree with, IF I understand you correctly, this statement,you make..

    'People, regardless of their gender are not going to divide their estate with someone who's bringing substantially less to the table. Not by and large at any rate'.

    what happened to love and 50 50 relationships?

    Um, so, say me for example, a stay at home mom and wife for 35 years, who did everything I physically could to make our marriage equal in responsibility, does not 'bring' the same to the table because it was not a paycheck?

    lucy you got some 'splainin to do! lol

    The fact that I never made a mortgage payment on the house I lived in but kept clean, or paid utilities that i used to cook meals and wash clothes, means I brought nothing to the table? gee, should I have charged a fee for sex? lol

    so, I am not entitled to half my x husbands assets because why? I worked for them. Im not some crab ass greedy person, Im not going after him for anything but what I need to have to live. I worked just as hard as he did, and because now Im not going to benefit from the nice house and retirement life that I worked towards along with him, due to this unfortunate unwanted divorce, Im supposed to go off empty handed and struggle living in a basement of my kids house because I have no benefits that I worked for?

    and your statement,

    'At my age, a man can't usually get a second date unless he has at least one house paid for free and clear'

  • Ucantnome

    i have made every meal in our house for the past twenty years. I have done the shopping the cleaning the gardening the washing the banking painted the house and worked in my own business. I got up most nights when the kids were small one woke me every night almost for five years. i walked the dog fed the rabbits and cat. I have also worked for employers.

    I think its easy staying home looking after the kids and running the house and if i had a choice not to work and stay home and run the house that is what i would do.

    that's why my daughter is choosing it.

  • sowhatnow

    lol ucantnome,

    I hear ya.

    a mom and wife, who works outside of the home, now, they work double time. I could never do that. I just dont know how they have the energy.

    our value is often overlooked.

  • talesin
    I don't agree with the idea that men are emasculated by equality. That is a mainstay of radical feminism.**
    Umm, no.
  • DJS

    An OP I should probably stay out of, but what is life without risks. A woman who wants a man that wants or will allow her to stay home is A ok. There are plenty of both persuasions. Don't be surprised however, if the one with the income has some control issues.

    A man who wants a monogamous relationship with one woman but without cohabitation or marriage is equally OK. and certainly not 'sad."

    A married woman who stayed at home for years, by law in most W lands, should get equal consideration upon divorce for marital assets. They were partners. A caveat to this:sometimes the woman (or man) stays at home even though this wasn't what was presented during dating, which can create resentment.

    A man (or woman) who had that arrangement (marriage) before but now has no desire to see half of his or her stuff go walk about again in future marriage arrangements is completely understandable. It isn't a defect.

    Personally I want a strong independent girl with her own income, home, friends, etc who stays interesting, viable and challenging. I don't want someone to own me or be obsessed with me, nor I them. And I'm not ok with the 30 lbs. she wants to put on her ass after the rice is thrown. Or ten. Nesting will do that ya know.

  • sowhatnow

    well, DJS, I agree with everything you say.

    however,you have to admit, what is 'presented' at dating, will change anyway, life changes, you gotta roll with the change.

    and for your last paragraph ,your, 'wish list' you'll be lucky to get half.

    So basically, you just want to date? if you do, well join the other thousands of single and still searching men on dating sites. I see that all the time,its been over a year that Ive been quietly browsing some of those sites, and its the same people in their profiles.. 'dating nothing serious' really? wtf? go to a bar or stand on a street corner then. um, thats why they are STILL on the dating sites.

    this from men in their 50 yet! lol , who do they think they are ,new college grads with buff bodies? lol they cant be that picky. 'average' means a few extra pounds these days.

    oh and this one, 'want independent women with her own 'career' and friends'

    wow, so that leaves out an awful lot of women. you know, the pool gets smaller the older we get.

    I have a job, not a career.

    oh wait, maybe Im a career housekeeper, been doing it all my life. it sucks. good pay makes it worth it. well,maybe.

    if men don't want a woman waking up next to them, why even look for a relationship?

    Id think, women want a commitment.

    Ladies, do you want to just 'date' or do you want a commitment? I think we need a new thread..... lol

    do you want to just live with someone, or be married.

    I for one would like to have someone next to me in the rocking chair on the porch sipping tea when Im 80. but I dont have to have a piece of paper bonding me to someones 'wealth' .

    love and trust goes beyond fear of someone walking out on them and leaving them for something petty.

    Id tend to think women wouldn't want a man who thinks they are 'dispensable' . they can walk when you loose your job or have to stop working due to health issues. so there is. no commitment, no real love.

    Id not want my man to feel that way, that he might be temporary, until I tire of him.

    I don't know how old you are DJS or how much time you have , but the older we get the harder it is to find someone willing to be a permanent part of your life , getting older presents new challenges, like failing health, one that each person has to accept as a responsibility. you really have to love someone to be helping them out sometimes.

    let me enlighten you to something, many many women who 'put weight on when they get into a relationship, is because they take birth control pills. [what else puts huge amounts of weight on people, almost immediately, in case all readers aren't already aware, is anti depressants and a host of other prescription drugs that mess your hormones and thyroid all up].

    Ive seen it a thousand times. or, they have babies, and what happens is, they have huge hormonal changes, have their 'abs' permanently rearranged, and its not always about eating. you think women enjoy loosing a girlish figure? not a chance.

    so what is the excuse for all the 40 plus something men, who dont give birth, who I see with bellies spilling out over their belts? beer? pizza, finally reaching the top tier of their employment opportunities and being in a desk job? oh wait, relaxed muscle. lol

    and sometimes its just age related.

    for now at least Im thin, but woe is me if I get terribly sick, Ill waste away pretty fast with no fat stores,lol

  • DJS


    Obese men equally disgust me, so I'm with you. I don't date men (not that there is anything wrong with that) but whatever I say relative to girls applies to guys.

    You seem to be having a problem wrapping your brain around the paradigm I defined. It is about Commitment, just with separate living arrangements.

    I love waking up next to girls. It's in my top 10 list of fun things to do with girls. Waking up with multiple girls is no. 7. But sometimes I need a bit of space. And to avoid taping cab fare to her sleeping forehead and going to the gym, it's best I manage this aspect judiciously - 3 times per week or so.

    As far as staying fit, I would beat Morpheus' record of Dislikes with the XXers if I said what I believe and know about this topic.

    I'm not the least bit concerned about finding a girl. Earth girls are easy.

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