Pioneers Living With Married Couple

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Just an example of how lives are always micro-managed and under a microscope constantly.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Their long-standing rules are that unrelated JW's of the opposite sex simply cannot live in the same home.
    It's not new, it's not necessarily that there is anything special or different in this situation.

    The long-standing rule is there to prevent temptation and stumbling. That someone complaining represents the stumbling problem. The jerk.

  • undercover
    Probably is a matter of reputation. Unmarried singles from the opposite sex living under one roof.

    that was my first thought as well. Charity comes in a distant 2nd or 3rd to the reputation of the Organization. If any charity or good deeds can bring into even the slightest question as to some untoward conduct, then it's best to avoid.

    So, for argument sake, let's say the pioneers leave this couple's home. They both find apartments elsewhere. Just so happens those apartments are in the same building. An old Victorian home turned into 4 or 5 apartments. What then? They're still 'technically' under the same roof, though in separate 'rooms'. No real difference than bunking in the couples home - is it? Where's the line of difference?

  • fulano

    That's a good one UNDERCOVER

  • sparrowdown

    So pioneers couldn't live in a boarding house type of arrangement?

    Why don't they just insist on chastity belts and pioneers could be safe from temptation everwhere.

  • vienne

    My experience with Witness elders is almost totally negative. One can, of course, raise the issue with the Watchtower. And should. But expect no results.

  • ToesUp
    They should ask the Elders if married and unmarried people live together under one roof at Bethel homes? What's the difference?
  • Splash
    Drearyweather I think the rumors could be true.

    Spoken like a true JW.

  • FedUpJW

    I hope the JDubs start banning single males and females from staying in the same hotels at assemblies and conventions too then.

    Can't have those sex-crazed Dubbies fornicating after hours, probably in the hotel lounge and the hallways too y'know.

  • pontoon

    So years ago my (now ex) wife's best friend from another state move here (shopping for a husband at Wat Farm) and lived with us until she could get a job and her own place. Too many times the friend and I would end up being home at the same time---my wife out. Not right in JW land. Told my wife we have to expedite her getting her own place. Now that put me in trouble with my wife, accusing me of being attracted to her friend. Actually I was but never tried to act on it, it was just an uncomfortable situation.

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